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A Guide To Vacation In Denmark

How about a short holiday in Denmark? The royal land has hundreds of islands, 7,000 kilometers of coastline, and carefree Danes. The country and the people show an almost limitless openness. A joy that spreads over you once you are there.

Relax for a few days in nature, rent bikes and explore the region, grab a fishing rod and land some fish – Denmark is a beautiful paradise to relax and chill. You can also explore the country’s capital, Copenhagen, on your own – decide for yourself!

The to Scandinavia between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, which belongs to the kingdom, is particularly popular because of its capital Copenhagen. Copenhagen has received the title of the most livable city in the world several times and should be visited by you for that reason alone. But not only the beautiful city is worth seeing: During your holiday in Denmark, exciting things await you, such as the long coasts, medieval cities, and many castles.

Here you will find current information about the coronavirus that affects your holiday in Denmark.

Arrival to Denmark

Denmark can be easily reached from Germany by various means of transport:

  • Traveling to small holiday resorts by car is the most convenient option.
  • By long-distance bus. You can also easily reach Denmark
  • For those arriving by train, there are direct connections to Copenhagen and within Denmark, there is a dense rail network between the cities.
  • Bornholm. You can land by plane from the major German airports in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Sønderborg, Billund, and Esbjerg or With low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or Easyjet from Berlin and Hamburg, for example, you can get to Copenhagen super cheap. However, the low prices often only include hand luggage, which is sufficient for one or the other for a short trip.
  • Transfer: From the airport, you can take the metro, train, or bus.

Entry into Denmark

Denmark carries out random border controls. You need a valid identity card or passport to enter the country.

You can take alcohol and tobacco products with you for your own use. The guideline is, for example, 800 cigarettes and 10 liters of high-proof alcohol per person. The import of fireworks and bangers is prohibited.

Select holiday regions in Denmark

Due to the moderately mild maritime climate in Denmark, travel time is all year round. You choose the right holiday region according to your personal preferences.


Rough coasts in the northwest, shallow beaches in the southeast, heathlands, moors, and forests inland: in Jutland, the landscape changes within a few kilometers. The Danish mainland also has numerous sights to offer.


On the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm off the southern coast of Sweden, those looking for relaxation benefit from the secluded location. Those interested in culture can visit the medieval castle ruins of Hammershus, the Bornholm Art Museum, or the Bornholms Museum in Rønne.


Sandy beaches, fishing villages, fjords, and coastal cliffs rich in fossils characterize the island of Zealand. An extensive cultural program awaits you in Helsingør, Roskilde, and Copenhagen.

Tip: From April to November you can rent bicycles for free at 110 stations in Copenhagen.

Visit well-known sights in Denmark

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is the national symbol of Denmark. The following sights are also attractive :

  • Roskilde Cathedral was the first Gothic cathedral in Scandinavia
  • Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød with the Danish National History Museum
  • Amalienborg, Rosenborg and Christiansborg Palaces in Copenhagen
  • Legoland in Billund
  • Open-air museum The Old City in Aarhus
  • Ribe VikingeCenter on the cultural history of the Vikings

Choose Accommodation for your Holiday in Denmark

A holiday home on the North Sea or the Baltic Sea offers self-catering as an ideal domicile. at around 500 campsites Nature lovers can enjoy their holidays. You can stay comfortably in hotels of different categories. is ideal for larger groups in particular A cool holiday apartment.

Explore Denmark by bike

You can ideally explore Copenhagen Denmark and the surrounding area by bike. It is best to start your tour on the town hall square and go to the town hall tower (100 meters high). From up here you have a wonderful view of the whole city and can get a first impression.

Jess Shores is an art lover, developer, writer, who loves to travel, meet new people and he is into photography as a hobby.

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