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Experience Helicopter Hog Hunting in Texas with Gage Outdoor Expeditions

In Texas, Helicopter hog hunting is done in a vast range of land covering around 2.5 acres of land in West Texas. Hogs are the most indigenous animals in the whole of Texas regions. They are hazardous in nature, always looking up for depredation and endangerment. 

Helicopter hog hunting is really famous in Texas round 8 full-time helicopters, where they cover all small to large land also corporate and private events. 

Corporate events are in demand 

Incorporate events, mostly they are sponsored by the organisation and mainly the target is on the employees and clients. They also organise weekend events. Corporate events work with faith, joint efforts, harmony, initiate achievements with new customers. The team includes dedicated pilots, marksmen, guides, and a very skilled chef. “Gage Outdoors Expeditions” never compromise in their facilities, while in collaboration companies “Gage Outdoors Expeditions” never mix up the groups to face interruption. They bestow such mind-blowing facilities like custom cooked meals, rifles, no disturbance, 24/7 staff on-site, hog hunting, bow hunting, sports bar, games, etc. well such facilities are not happening than going on a 2.5 acre of land for hog hunting, believe us it’s a combination of fun and adventure. 

Types of Helicopter used in Hog Hunting are:- 

Gage Outdoor Expeditions have three different kinds of helicopters which help in Texas Heli Hog hunting

1. R44 Raven 

This helicopter has various specifications and is super high performing and easy in maintenance, this helicopter has responsive handling with optimized airspeed and also has cash worthy bladder fuel tanks with low tail rotor speed. It has a maximum total number of hunters and weight 430 LBS with 2 hunters per flight. 

2. R66 Turbine 

This amazing and modified helicopter is designed by Robinsan company with 5 seats with separate cargo compartment, This version is moderately a better version as compared to the Robinson R44 Raven total hunter weight is 600 LBS with 2 flying hunters only. 

3. MD 500E 

The MD 500 is a helicopter who gives the highest speed from all. It has more payload and productivity in its class. This helicopter has more high specifications well MD 500E has Five- bladed main rotor royce turbine engine. This will carry a maximum total hunters weight of 850 LBS, Well this has more space than other two helicopters and has an advantage of flying with 3 hunters per flight. 

Adventure and Meeting Games 

Well we have corporate meetings and games as well, but we have never pre-planned any games and meetings, we randomly with our corporate event go towards rifle range then fire pit, trap and skeet, and so on, we never decide the gaming zone but definitely prefer peoples opinion and choices. This has become a new warm-up activity but can’t forget about hog hunting. 

It’s fun doing Heli Hog hunting in Texas, well helicopter hog hunting has become a new adventure for people to take a step and experience such vast range of trilling venture, which later bestow such warm and life-changing memory and now would stay with them forever, where they have lived the best phase of their whole life. Now we can’t deny our best experiences and Gage Outdoor Expeditions gives lots of people a chance to explore such activity in their life.

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