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5 Best Small Towns in Arizona You Must Visit

Home to two of America’s most famous tourist attractions – the Grand Canyon and the red rocks of Sedona – Arizona easily makes it to every traveler’s bucket list of places to visit in the USA. But, there’s so much more to this beautiful state that boasts stunningly diverse terrains, unique rock formations, a rich Native American history, and many big cities. You must plan a visit to some of these small towns in Arizona to know what we are referring to. From artistic colonies to historical towns, here are 5 of the best small towns in Arizona you must check out the next time you travel to this US state.


Sedona’s breathtaking scenery featuring spectacular red rock formations attracts a large number of nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. While adventure opportunities in the form of hiking and mountain biking interest adventure seekers, the several spa retreats and famed energy vortexes in the hills around this small town in Arizona bring in spiritually inclined travelers. Sedona’s quirky galleries, restaurants, and upscale resorts are equally famous among tourists. Stargazing is one thing you absolutely cannot miss when you are in Sedona – millions of stars twinkling against the night sky is a sight to behold!


Nestled in the Mule Mountains about 11 miles from the Mexican border, Bisbee is one of the most beautiful small towns in Arizona known for its mining history, Victorian-style houses, Cochise County Courthouse, and its Art Deco architecture besides its eclectic art galleries, boutiques, and antique shops. Go on a tour of Bisbee’s popular historical sites like the Copper Queen Mine, Lavender Pit, and Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. Stroll the colorful streets, shop in Bisbee’s antique stores, have a cup of coffee at Bisbee Roasters, dine at its fine dining restaurants, and sample local beer during your holiday in Bisbee.


This scenic small town in Arizona set on the Cleopatra Hill overlooking the Verde Valley is the ideal place for all history buffs and those who are into spooky ghost stories. Once a mining town, Jerome came to be recognized as a ghost town with the downfall of the mining industry that led to people deserting the town. However, it came up again on the tourist map when the whole town was restored and declared a National Historic Landmark. Now, Jerome is filled with tourist attractions like art galleries, antique stores, coffee houses, restaurants, and wineries. Ghost tours are popular among daredevils to this day.

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One of the most captivating small towns in Arizona, Prescott is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Complete with rolling hills, meandering meadows, lush forests, and glistening lakes, Prescott is a perfect place to relax amidst nature. One can enjoy a variety of activities, from hiking, mountain biking, and camping in Prescott National Forest to paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing on Watson Lake. As the former capital of the Arizona territory, Downtown Prescott centered around the Yavapai County Courthouse is filled with Victorian-style houses and other historical attractions that offer a glimpse at its Western history.


With its history predating this US state, Tombstone is a popular Wild West ghost town in Arizona. This town in Cochise County is where the historic gunfight at the O.K. Corral (the most famous shootout in the history of the American Old West) took place. Tombstone has never really got over its Old West spirit and you will see restaurants in western themes, gunfight reenactments, and costumed characters sometimes roaming the town. East Allen Street, lined with historic saloons, shops, and restaurants, is one of the major highlights of this town. Wish to immerse yourself in the Wild West experience? Book cheap international flight tickets with Indian Eagle and fly over to Arizona.

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