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What is a Virtual Phone Number, and benefits?

Virtual numbers open up incredible business possibilities and are a wonderful addition to the recent inflow of calls. Unfortunately, your various phone lines are constantly busy, and as a result, your clients are unable to speak with your agents. You may advise clients to trust your rivals if all other factors are equal in the current situation. Do you know which is the best way to resolve this issue? To better handle calls received by your representatives, you may switch to virtual number solutions.

Incorporating virtual numbers solutions into your administrations may boost deals, usefulness, and client experience. A virtual number is one such strategy that will allow you to maintain consistent interaction with all of your representatives 24 /7 from any location in the world. Before you go into how business virtual calls the function, you first understand what virtual numbers are and how they work. Here are certain things that may help you understand virtual number arrangements in your business:

What is a Virtual Number?

virtual phone number is a cloud-based phone number used to route incoming customer calls to the most appropriate agents based on the customer’s needs. Local and international virtual business numbers can be used to enhance a company’s market reach.

Benefits of virtual phone number:

Higher Conversion Rate

A business concentrates its efforts on converting a large number of leads. The call management device makes it easier to convert leads into customers. Obtaining Virtual Indian phone numbers would enable businesses to take advantage of every business opportunity. Specialists never miss a call since the company can track, record, and respond to all incoming calls, ensuring that no calls go unanswered. Track every inbound and outbound call that could lead to a sale and interact proactively to increase conversions.

Identify Quality Leads

In any business, quality leads play an important role. This can be easily classified and nurture all qualified leads to reduce churn rate and provide faster client engagement because every client expects fast identification of leads.

Be Omnipresent

You can also forward all customer calls to agent’s mobile numbers as well as landlines to manage business calls from anywhere so that you can get all the detailed information in your system as fast.

Number Masking

Your call masking or company number masking will work with secure communication between specialists and clients. It helps them protect their privacy by using different virtual number service. With a number masking solution that hides client and agent details during a live contact, using a virtual number in your business approach can help you ensure privacy and zero lead leakage.

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Never miss a lead by routing customer calls to individual agents based on their availability, caller history, and geography. Your communication foundation should not be removed and reinstalled at any time. The calls can easily be transferred to another location. You can assign a virtual number to each lead generated by each advertising campaign, channel, area, language, and so on.

Real-time Data Insights

Receive actionable data on call performance, including call records, to improve customer engagement and assess agent performance.

24×7 Connectivity

Businesses must be connected 24 /7 a week in today’s world. A company’s loss of potential clients can be devastating, and therefore you can’t afford to miss a single call. A virtual number takes care of this by automatically routing calls to the specified destination. It also provides operational flexibility for your agents, who no longer need to work from a physical location, by incorporating this technology into your communication model so that you will never miss another call.


IVR (interactive voice response) is a great option for automating a company’s telecommunication stations for a virtual number. This feature makes use of pre-recorded voice messages to welcome incoming callers. This can also welcome the client in their native language based on the geological region of the incoming call, adding a personal touch to the company’s dealings. The system can direct calls to the most appropriate specialist, minimizing wait times and improving the client experience.

Get used to virtual numbers

Knowlarity will provide you with the greatest virtual number of services. You may grow and extend your business with all of these benefits of virtual numbers. As a result, you can contact Knowlarity to obtain the most efficient virtual number for your business.

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