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Top Virtual Event Trends You Should Know About

The world shifted to the virtual world during times of need. However, it was then that we realized how beneficial virtual events are in reality. Over time, virtual events became extensively popular, and it was then we realized that virtual events are far better than physical events. It was due to these advantages of virtual events we continued to host them. Now that we have the option of going back to age-old methods of hosting events, we are continuing with a virtual event.

Also, virtual events have become so popular that we are seeing some discoveries or new trends in the industry. Here, in this blog, we have compiled a list of a few of the popular event trends you can see in the industry.

  • Facial Recognition:

You must have heard about facial recognition in movies and shows. Not only this, but we are sure you are using this technology in your smart devices also. The reason that technology has become so popular is because of the advantages it provides to the users. The first reason is that facial recognition will help you detect the emotions of the attendees, making it easier for you to analyze how they like the event. Not only this, facial recognition ensures additional security of the event. Using facial recognition in your virtual event means only authorized attendees can attend the event. You can use it on different elements of your virtual event, including registration pages, virtual booths, etc. But, one thing you need to be clear about is providing the attendees with guidance on how you will use their data and store them.

  • Event Apps: 

The next commonly seen trend is having applications for your virtual and hybrid events. Having an application dedicated to your event makes it super easy for your attendees to join the event. Not only attending, but an application will also make it easier for them to register for the event, explore all the aspects, interact with fellow attendees and speakers, etc. It has been discovered as one of the best ways to keep your attendees hooked to the event. Moreover, an event application ensures more attendance at your virtual event. It is because people find it easier to attend the event when they do not have access to their laptops or are traveling somewhere.

  • Projection-Mapping: 

The next most commonly followed trend is Projection Mapping. Projection-Mapping can be understood as painting your event set up with light. You can use Projection Mapping to add effects to your stages and use it to display objects in a 3D manner. Not only this, but with projection mapping, you can add as many textures and colors to your environment as you want. In addition to this, you can use this technology to create hologram images of your guests and speakers. This is the most suitable technology for virtual and hybrid events.

  • AR and VR: 

The next and probably the most popular technological trend is using AR and VR in virtual events. To understand the difference between AR and VR, you can refer to games like Pokemon Go and Ready Player One. It’s been a few years since we have gotten used to this technology. However, they gained popularity in recent years only. To say that VR and AR can elevate the experience of your virtual events. You can say that VR is one step ahead of virtual events and enables you to expand the reach of your event. Since it is on the boom, you should use AR and VR in your virtual event planning.

  • Language Translation: 

Since virtual events allow the organizers to tap into audiences beyond geography and physical boundaries. However, the only challenge they face is people do not have a common language. Though most people speak English, we believe people will like to learn things in their native language. It is when you can use the multilingual translation functionality in your virtual event. It will make the event more immersive for them and make communication easier and more impactful. Several Online Conference Platforms come with this functionality, and you can use them for your event.

  • Gamification: 

Probably the most common and fun trend that you can include in your virtual event, Gamification allows you to drive more audience engagement rates to your virtual event. There are two ways to incorporate this. One is by including AR and VR games in your virtual event and Virtual Meeting Platform. Another is by assigning points to your attendees for their actions. For example, you can assign them some points if they visit any booth, a few points if they interact with the speakers, etc. You can combine it with the leaderboard feature and giveaway prizes to the top three participants.

The world likes to remain on its toes; even if it is about hosting events. Since the world is expanding daily, and new technologies are coming in daily, it becomes important to stay updated if you wish to survive in the industry. Here, in this blog, we have included the top trends in the event industry. You can use them and make your event stand apart from your competitors.

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