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How to Use Mixer Grinder – Step By Step Guide!

Are you wondering how to use a mixer grinder? If yes, you have landed on the right blog post. Below in this article, I have explained step by step how you can efficiently and safely operate a mixer grinder.

Step-1: Place All the Ingredients in One Place

The very first step in the process of using a mixer grinder is to collect all the needed ingredients and put them all in one place.

Step-2: Choose the Jar and Blade

As you know that a mixer grinder comes with a number of different jars. So the next step will be to choose a jar that is suitable for your requirement as different jars offer different applications. According to your requirement, you will need to choose one out of the dry jar, wet jar, chutney, or juice making.

Also, choose the type of blade that you are going to use for your current requirement. That’s because a mixer grinder comes with a number of different blades to choose from.

Step-3: Put in Ingredients

After you have selected the most suitable jar and the blade that you have to use, you should, then, put your ingredients into the jar. Ensure that you perform this task very gently.

Step-4: Add Water to the Ingredients

Next, add a sufficient amount of water to your mixture of ingredients. But before adding water to the mixture, make sure that you have added all the ingredients in the correct quantity and proportion.

Step-5: Close the Jar

Next, you should place the lid over the jar to close it. Once closed and locked properly, you can go ahead with the next step. But before moving ahead, it is highly recommended to confirm that the jar is properly locked.

Otherwise, there are chances for an accident to take place while the equipment will be running.

Step-6: Fit the Jar Over the Machine

After you have ensured that the jar is properly closed and locked, next, the jar should be fitted on the mixer grinder machine with the use of the coupler provided. Make sure to properly fit the coupler so as to avoid any damage to the machine.

Step-7: Start the Machine

Now it’s time to supply power to the machine so that it can start running. So the power plug should be inserted into the electric socket and then switched on. But it will still not get started.

In order to finally start it, you will have to rotate the knob provided for the speed control. It is recommended to start with the lowest level of speed and then you should slowly increase it according to your own need.

Different types of stuff have to be processed at different speeds. So you should make sure that you are running the equipment at the right speed depending upon the type of stuff you are processing in it.

Step-8: Turn the Machine Off and Take the Stuff Out

Once you have completed the process, you should switch the power supply off and then remove the plug from the socket. Then take all your processed stuff out of the jar and use it for your requirement.

Final Words

Mixer grinders have made the tasks of cooking quicker and easier, whether it’s about preparing chutneys, purees, or anything else. With the helpful guide provided above, it will become easy for you to use this equipment easily.

I am the founder and editor at BestMixerGrinderInIndia.co.in which is a website specially dedicated to Mixer Grinders. Here I regularly post informative and quality content on various topics related to Mixer Grinders.


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