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Ultimate Guide to Cat5e Cable Types and Specifications

Cat5e cable is the fifth generation of ethernet cables, and it is available in three different types: Cat5e Plenum Cable, Cat5e Riser Cable, and Cat5e PVC cable. Each version has its own set of specs and is intended for use in various situations.

Cat5e: Decoding the Term

Cat stands for Category in the Cat5e.

The number 5 denotes the fifth version of the ethernet cables, while the letter “e” denotes “enhanced.” As a result, Cat5e cables—whether Cat5e Plenum Cable, Cat5e Riser Cable, or Cat5e PVC Cable—are improved versions of Cat5. Reduced crosstalk and electromagnetic interference, better data transfer rates and bandwidth capacity, and safety features are all part of this improvement.

This cable has been standardized by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). As a result, cat5e cable is ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Cat5e Cable: How it Works

This bulk Cat5e Plenum Cable effectively enables a 1Gbps (Gigabits per second) data transfer rate up to a distance of 100 meters. In addition, bulk Cat5e Plenum Cable has a bandwidth of up to 350MHz. An RJ-45 connector is used for connectivity.

The Plenum-Rated Cat5e Cable has four pairs of twisted wires and eight copper connections to provide improved quality and connectivity. In addition, shielded or unshielded twisted pairs are available.

The cable is classified as UTP if it is not insulated. Although the cable is protected against crosstalk and EMIs by a CMP or PVC jacket, the wires inside the cable receive no extra protection.

The cable is classified as STP if it is insulated. The Ethernet cables, like UTP, have a CMP or PVC jacket for protection, but the wires inside the cable have an additional layer of protection. Let’s take a closer look at each sort of Cat5e cable to gain a better grasp of them.

Cat5e Plenum Cable

This Plenum-Rated Cat5e Cable has been designed primarily for use in plenum sections of buildings. CMP jackets are extremely fire resistant. Bulk Cat5e Plenums are ideal for ducts, and air returns since the outer jacket is CMP certified. The Bulk Cat5e Plenum’s jacket material is of such high quality that it is also frequently utilized in riser spaces. The temperature ranges from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius for this cable’s installation. Both UTP and STP versions of the Cat5e Plenum 1000ft are available.

Cat5e Riser Cable

Because TIA and EIA specify them, these cables are RoHS compliant and entirely safe to use. Cat5e Riser cables provide the same data transfer rate and bandwidth as Cat5e Plenum cables. The material of the jacket is the most significant distinction. The material used in the jacket has a CMR rating, which means it prevents fire from spreading between floors. CMR cable standards are significantly higher than CM cable standards, although they are lower than CMP cable requirements.

It means that riser cables can be used where CMR cables are necessary and where CM cables are required. They cannot, however, be used as a substitute for CMP plenum cables.

Cat5e PVC Cable

Bulk Cat5e PVC cable is available with PVC jackets, making it ideal for outdoor use. This Cat5e family member complies with all current standards, including TIA/EIA validated and RoHs cable that follows IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.5, ANSI/EIA/TIA 568, and ISO/IEC 11801. 

According to the TIA and EIA, it even outperforms others; for example, the Cat5e family’s base norm for bandwidth capacity is 100MHz. However, a few models on the market handle bandwidth capacity of 350MHz and data transmission speeds of 1000Mbps.

The crucial thing to remember is that PVC cables cannot be used as a substitute for riser-rated and plenum-rated cables. Nonetheless, these options, such as Cat5e Plenum 1000ft, riser, and PVC, are ideal for both home and commercial use.

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