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Telemarketing Software to Make Faster Conversion

Telemarketing is a process of marketing your products and services to your prospects on the phone to convert them to sales. This is a traditional method of marketing that would never go out with ark even though better and faster methods of lead generation are introduced.

It is a direct marketing method suitable for both small and medium-sized organisations. It is a better and more convenient method to market your products from door to door. It saves time and money. Though telemarketing has come a long way, it is no longer done in the way as in the past.

With telemarketing solutions, you can reach out to a large number of customers, identify who are actually interested in your products, and help with texting messages, conducting chats and video calls, and emails.

The most common features of telemarketing solutions are they can maintain call log history, automate the process of sending emails to customers, understand the buying behaviour of customers, and accordingly suggest changes in your strategy. Here are the best telemarketing software solutions:


If you have a start-up and do not want to spend money on telemarketing solutions, you should use Britix24. This telemarketing software is free of cost. It is available both in cloud and on-premise. To start with, you need to register with it. Once you have done it, you can start calling your customers. You do not need to present at your workplace because this software allows you to operate remotely.

This software supports multiple languages like English, Ukraine, Spanish, German, and Russian. The basic features of this telemarketing solution include free inbound telemarketing, free outbound phone calls, automatic IVR, call reports, and telemarketing CRM. Most of the telemarketing solutions come with only an outbound marketing tool, but Britix24 comes with inbound marketing too.

It comes with free PBX and free CRM. It also provides telemarketing team management and collaboration tools that help you manage employee chat, quotes, documents, video conferencing, HR, and workforce management.


It is a seamless omnichannel communication tool. Take a look at the features of this software:

  • It is featured with advanced tools like ACD, agent scripts, and skill routing.
  • This software is equipped with an Interaction Analyst that can help you get an insight into all dimensions of a contact centre.
  • The other best feature of this software is it helps reduce call handling time. As it is featured with an IVR system, it can resolve simple queries. The software can also let you access the caller’s history to provide a faster solution.
  • The dialler provides proactive customer support, make announcements, and manage inbound leads. The dialler can help increase productivity by four times compared to the manual dialler.
  • You can monitor the performance of executives how they are handling queries and promoting their products and services.


No matter what product you are dealing with, you would like to reach out to a large number of customers as soon as possible. Here are the features of this software:

  • Text messaging plans can improve your customer retention by strengthening relationships with customers by sending special promotions and satisfaction surveys.
  • You can track real-time results and use those analytics to make strategies for your future campaigns.
  • The analytic report will let you get an insight into your advertising performance.
  • You can record inbound calls, share call details, track phone calls, set hours for recording messages.
  • It can schedule delivery of messages, record a voice message, and send thousands of messages at once.


It is a cloud-based telemarketing software solution that can connect you with your customers through web chat, email, and SMS. Here are the features of this software program:

  • With ipSCAPE, you can listen to your customers via phone. It offers additional features like inbound, outbound, dialler, IVR, and skill-based routing.
  • Webchat tool can help you create active engagement with your customers. It can enable live communication on your website.
  • You can also connect with your customers through emails. The software also allows you to review the performance of your team.
  • You can send notifications through SMS to thousands of customers instantly.
  • With equipment of the outbound dialler, the software can improve the contact rates, increase agent productivity, and whittle down the customer wait time.
  • Since it provides real-time information, you can get an insight into your advertising campaign.
  • You can record all calls to monitor the performance of your executives.


Undoubtedly, contactSPACE is powerful telemarketing software because it can help you reach out to the right person at the right time. This powerful tool can provide your team with in-depth insights and messaging strategies to achieve goals.

Since the software tool has an automatic dialler, it minimises downtime by keeping your executives productive throughout the day. It can also help you verify the leads and provide real-time feedback to your team.

It displays the metrics to allow you to optimise your advertising campaign. It can let you know what works for you and what does not work for you. You can also identify the tone, pitch, and emotion through voice analytics.

Regardless of the size of your business, you will need telemarketing software solutions. Though there are some free software solutions, paid software programs are always a better choice as they come with advanced options. In case of a lack of funds, you can apply for weekly collected loans.

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