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Should you Self-Repair your Phone?

We’ve all been faced with the issue of our phones or computers breaking down while doing something. When this happens, some would rather repair the devices themselves rather than go to a repair shop. While others will simply take the device to a repair shop. According to gadget expert and entrepreneur Spiridon Geha, your repair choice depends on you. Business owner Spiridon Greta owns and operates a mobile and computer business in Australia. The business which started over 20 years ago sells mobiles and computers and also repairs them.

Fixing your device vs taking it to a repair shop


If you would rather fix your device yourself, then note that you would have to do so many things. First, you need to watch some videos to know exactly what is wrong with your devices and how to fix it. Then you need to order the parts you need in repairing it online or buy it at a spare parts shop. And if you feel like you can’t do it, you may decide to replace your phone.

Repair shop

If you take your phone or computer to a repair shop, they will do all these for you. You only need to take your phone there and know what is wrong with it. Then the repair shop will give you a price quote and when to come and get it. If you’re satisfied with the terms and conditions, then you go ahead. If the shop can’t repair it, they will inform you.

Factors to consider before doing self-repair or going to a repair shop

Time Vs repair costs

Is your phone still manageable despite its broken state? Can you do without your phone for a while? Or do you have another you can use while you repair the broken one? Do you also have phone repair knowledge? If yes, Spiridon Geha advises you to repair your phone yourself. However, if you use your phone to work on an hourly basis, go to a repair shop.


The total cost of a phone screen repair is 300 dollars and takes three hours to fix at a repair shop. However, you can order the parts you need online, and it will cost you 290 dollars. It will also take you hours to fix. Nevertheless, whether you take it to a repair shop or not, you won’t be able to use your phone for one or two days.

Cost implications

Let’s assume you use your phone to earn 40 dollars per hour, and you work 12 hours daily. If your phone is out of commission for a day due to self-repair, you will lose 480 dollars. If it’s for two days because you took it to a repair shop, you will lose 960 dollars. However, if you self-repair your phone and damage it further, it will take more days to fix it. So, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it is better to take it to a repair shop. But if you know what you are doing, repair it yourself to save more time.

Availability of tools

Self-repair requires the right tool, hence, if you don’t have them, go and buy them. If you can’t afford them, take them to repair shops that have them. If you want to buy the tools, Spiridon Greta has these tips for you. Contrary to what people think, that repairing a smartphone is simpler than repairing a laptop, it is not. You need special tools like different tweezers, heat guns, and so on.

Can you rent it?

You can rent phone repair tools online, but they will charge you for them. For instance, Apple has a specific price for a specific time. Therefore, if you want to rent tools to repair your Apple devices like an Apple tablet, you have to pay the price. The downside is that you will pay a deposit. And your card would be put on hold as if you bought the tools as new tools. When you return the tools in good condition, your deposit will be given back to you. Not many can afford the deposit, so they prefer to go to a repair shop.

Where to buy the tools

There are so many websites selling repair toolkits at affordable prices. Some of them also give discounts for those who buy during sales periods. They also offer single repair kits for repeat customers.

Advantages of self-repair

  • Saves costs because people don’t need to pay the repair service fees together with the replacement part costs.
  • You can learn new things about new devices, which can help you start your repair shop.

Advantages of using repair shops

  • Repair shops have experts that have the necessary skills you need to repair your phone.
  • They have the tools and kits on hand to work on your phone.
  • Some repair shops offer a warranty after repairing devices. That is, if your phone isn’t working properly after repair, you can return it to them again at no cost.


Finally, Spiridon Greta advises you to take your phone to a repair shop if you have no repair knowledge. This is especially important if you are using a high-tech smart device. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the phone beyond repair if care is not taken. Nowadays, most smartphones come with very delicate features and materials and need careful handling. So, it is better to take it to professionals who can work on your phone.

Spiridon Geha started a small business in 1997 that provides in-warranty and out-of-warranty computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone repairs to all major retailers across Australia.

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