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Monitor Your Mobile Phone Uses to Stay Fit and Healthy

Mobile phones have made this world a smaller and faster place. Some people it more to stay connected, while others have an official purpose. There have many side effects to use a mobile phone.

Regardless of the reason, all of us have a Smartphone and use it in our daily lives.

The Other Side of Mobile Phone

The use of smartphones has reduced the virtual distance, but it has increased the distance in the real world. Is this good, or it has a negative impact on our lives? Digital dependence is increasing day by day and is having side effects on our minds and body.

People are making it a habit and getting engaged in their phones. These days there are plenty of options to choose from, and there is no limit on how much you spend on a mobile phone.

Many people who fall short of money borrow bad credit loans online instant decision to fulfil their dream of buying a good expensive phone which eventually traps them in debt.

Negative Effects of Phones

  • Strenuous for Eyes

Spending excessive time on any screen can cause a lot of strain on your eyes. If you are spending hours on your mobile phone, which usually most of us do, it can prove to be a risk for the eyes.

To avoid strain, you should keep on blinking your eyes in between o take 5 minutes break to give some rest to your eyes. In the absence of any activity of the eyes for a longer duration, it can make them dry and affect the vision.

Focusing on a screen for too long makes your eyes tired as there is a difference between reading on a screen and reading a book or a newspaper. With the anti-glare screen and frequent blinking, you can help your eyes be healthy.

  • It can Make You Feel Depressed

Many types of researches and studies have found a correlation between excess phone usage and depression.

Many people stay active on social media and keep on uploading pictures. Looking at those pictures can make you feel left out and depressed. It mostly leads to unhealthy competition and comparisons.

  • Can Lead to Monophobia

Everybody can relate to the feeling of your mobile phone being fully charged. If your phone’s battery drains out, it may make you feel uncomfortable or restless. At the same time, monophobia is the opposite of this feeling.

It means that if you do not have your phone in your hand or nearby, it can develop insecurity and lead to monophobia, i.e. the fear of being detached from your mobile phone.

To avoid this fear or overcome this fear, you have to leave your phone behind for some significant time and get used to living without your phone. The first step may be difficult, but once you get on the path, you will be able to do it.

The other side of mobile phone

  • It can Lead to Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome or Anxiety

Many of you may feel that your phone is ringing or there is a message vibration when actually there is not. These conditions have been given different names, such as phantom pocket vibration syndrome or anxiety.

If this behaviour starts interfering in your real life, it is a problem, and you need to learn to manage it. It may affect your daily tasks and may cause you distress.

You can opt for various ways to deal with your behaviour. If you can manage it quickly, it is good. Otherwise, you can check for multiple cognitive behavioural therapies.

  • It can Make Your Memory Dull

Compared to previous times, people find it challenging to memorise contact numbers and events these days. Smartphones have made it convenient for people in every sense.

They do not have to memorise phone numbers, dates, events etc. You can do various memory activities that will help you boost your memory.

  • Leads to FOMO

Your Smartphone keeps you updated on everything that is happening around you. It also keeps you posted on what your friends and family are up to.

When you are looking at others and following them, you sometimes may feel jealous and left out. This can trigger the fear of being left out that has been termed as FOMO.

  • Can Lead to Weight Gain Indirectly

Smartphones have become a means of distraction these days. Many people use their phones at every second of their day, be it at mealtime or before sleeping. Many of them indulge themselves in mindless scrolling that wastes a lot of time and keeps you distracted.

Using a phone during mealtime reduces the signal your brain sends to the stomach while eating food. It makes you less aware of what you are eating.

On the contrary, you should always indulge in mindful eating as it is suitable for your body, mind and soul. Eating without realising it can lead to overeating which eventually leads to weight gain. Over time, it may prove harmful for the body and should be avoided.

  • Limits Your Social Skills

A phone keeps you away from society as it gets you more involved in the phone than in the real world. If you interact in the real world more, it will help you enhance your social skills.

Excess use of mobile phones can hamper your involvement in the real world and make you lack social skills. Along with the absence of social skills, it also can lead to other physical symptoms in the long run.

  • Can Interfere with Your Sleep 

95% of people use the phone before sleeping, and according to research, using the phone before bedtime can disturb your sleeping pattern. It suppresses the hormones that induce sleep and make it difficult for you to sleep.

  • It could Compress Your Lungs

Using your phone can lead to bad postures and body pains. If you use your phone in bad posture, it can have a negative impact on your body. It can squish your lungs and lead to breathing problems. It also hampers the flow of oxygen in your body and makes breathing difficult.

  • It can Increase the Chances of Fatal Accidents

If you are a health freak and like walking, it can distract your walking routine. As per a research report in 2019, 3,327 people were killed in a car crash involving a phone driver and was distracting.


These days, it isn’t easy to live without a mobile phone. But increasing digital dependence can lead to many physical and mental problems. Many people just see the fancy side of mobile phones, but the scary side also should not be ignoring.

Before engrossing yourself in your phone, remember the side effects and minimise the use of your phone as much as possible.

Eoin Owen is the author of content writing and a professional blogger and financial consultant with more than four years in the same industries. She has been completed her degree in the year 2015 at Ireland University.

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