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Can Mobile Phones Affect Your Health?

Can Mobile Phones Affect Your Health? Is it possible to know if you can use mobile phones to improve your health? Is there a link between the health of a person and the type of phone they are using? We know that talking on a cell phone is a bad thing, but can cell phones affect a person’s health? As the used mobiles are now affecting human health to a great extent.

Developing illness issues 

Studies have indicated that the more exposure a person has to mobile phones, the more they may be prone to developing illnesses. Some studies have shown that cell phone users are at increased risk of brain tumors, aortic aneurysms, stroke, and heart disease.

This information has given rise to the question: can cell phones affect the health of a person?  Well, you may the diversified effects of Used Mobiles in UAE to get an idea. So, let’s take a deep look at this question.

Addiction may be harmful to your body 

First of all, it should be mentioned that not all cell phone users are at risk. Cell phone use has decreased in recent years, and many people simply don’t have time to be on the phone. The majority of people are just unaware of the effects of cell phone use on the body. Many cell phone users do not even know that they have such an addiction.

Even so, studies have indicated that cell phone use can lead to several health issues. The most common ailments that can be caused by cell phone use include:

It may lead to cancer due to emissions 

There is also a possibility that cell phones can lead to cancer. This may be because cell phones contain very high levels of radio frequencies. Radiofrequency radiations can lead to DNA mutations, which can lead to the development of tumors.

To protect yourself and your children from the adverse effects of cell phone use, you should consider using a cell phone that offers a ring or vibrate feature. This will help you know who is calling and when. When it comes to children, it is also essential that you make sure that they don’t have a habit of texting and playing games while driving. This can cause problems later on.

So, can mobile phones affect your health? There are several advantages, but it is essential to remember that the risks are there as long as you use a cell phone.

GPS feature 

Many cell phone users are tempted to believe that cell phone use can protect them from harm. This is not the case. Today, most cell phones have a GPS feature that can help you find your way if you get lost. Unless you use this feature, you will not be able to tell whether the location is accurate.

Cell phones that have GPS can also help you find your way if you get lost. However, they cannot tell you the direction unless you tell them.

Voice feature

This is where cell phones with a voice feature come in handy. They can tell you exactly what direction you are in. And where you need to go. You can then use that information to find the way.

The most important thing to remember is that cell phones are great. For communication, but they are not without risks.

Reduce brain memory of humans 

One of the risks of cell phone use is that it is easier for your brain to absorb cell phone radiation than if you were not using a cell phone. Studies have shown that a cell phone can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s in several people. In some cases, the damage has been severe enough that the person’s memory has been compromised.

But, your cell phone does not cause any of these problems. It is the radiation emitted by the phone that is the problem. The longer you use your cell phone, the more of this radiation is absorbed.

Slow down your volume otherwise it may affect 

There are ways to limit the amount of radiation your cell phone emits. Try to turn your volume down when you use it.  


 In summary, As you can see, there are risks associated with using your cell phone, but there are also benefits. So it is best to buy the less harmful mobile phones from Sell Phone Dubai that will give you instructions too along with a pack of a cell phone. Cell phones are a great communication tool, and you can enjoy the benefits without having to worry about the effects it can have on your health.

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