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Why Developers Grab C++ to Make Android Apps in 2022

C++ is a programming language that can be equally (or sometimes even better than Java.

No offense to Java or Kotlin, C++ is still the language for giving android application development the extensive support it needs.

Did you know that popular games such as Clash of Clans and many FPS/ TPS and TRPG games have been made using C++ and advanced game engines?

However, let alone that theory, you can tell yourself that C++ can bring more possibilities in 2022 for Android Application development.

Android Studio has already added a tool called the NDK or the Native Development or NDK.

You can now use C++ as a native language to program android applications with this tool.

But Java and the recently introduced Kotlin are more favorable for Android apps as they are faster.

Java is already a faster language for JVM optimized byte-code.

However, C++ is better in some particular aspects.

We can know about that now.

  • Why Using C++ to Make Android Apps Is a Good Idea

The app you use to take out unemployed cash loans can be programmed using C++.

With that being said, you should know that C++ can definitely offer you more freedom of choice compared to Java.

You can make your android apps more feature-rich had you get to program them using C++.

In the long run, Android apps may help us the goodness from both C++ and Java/ Kotlin.

C++, however, has the upper hand (actually more than one of them) from another programming language close to Android development.

That is what we are going to find out.

So, read on:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio Is Here

It is similar to Android studio but is a much more powerful tool associated with Android application development.

Created by Microsoft, Visual Studio enables the usage of C++ codes to be utilized for Android apps.

The tool uses Visual C++ so that using C++ can become easier.

Added to that, the Studio has got Android Emulator that is not just responsive but also fast.

2. C++ Is Faster than Java

Of course, you cannot define C++ as the fastest language to make Android applications in 2022.

But C++ can still be a faster language than Java in some sorts.

The thing is, C++ is a more flexible and faster language when certain tasks such as game development; signal processing are involved.

That C+ is a really good language for android application development can be recognized when you use it for physics simulation in the Android apps.

As mentioned earlier, Java has got the upper hand over C++ in this regard due to JVM Byte-code.

But, C++ can be a faster and, therefore, a worthier language in the said departments.

3. You May Find Lots of Game Source Codes

C++ is already y featured with game source codes that make it easier for developers to create a game.

These game source codes are an attribution of C++, which is a more feature-rich matter for C++ than any other language.

Did you know that popular game engines use C++ to develop games?

And it is not just Clash of Clans, but you can get many other games developed by this language solely for the Android platform.

The famous game engine called Unreal Engine 4 uses C++.

And speaking of applications, C++ has been responsible for making Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, and whatnot.

4. C++ Is a Better Language for Specialised Android App Development

C++ can be a good language when you want it to use its codes to develop better Android applications.

Many programmers have said C++ increases the efficiency of the Android apps by making them attributed with advanced traits and utility tools.

C++ has another advantage, though.

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Take this logic to use define the flexibility of C++.

C++ is a cross-platform language. It means you can use it on different platforms in order to create software in various Operating Systems.

And Android is definitely one of them.

The expertise a C++ programmer carries can be well utilized really well with the help of the Android NDK.

Moreover, you get the C programs to be usable in C++ as well.

It is that your C programs can easily be run with the help of C++ and that you may use them to develop an Android app in an even better way.

Since C++ has no garbage collection and is very much closer to back-end development, it is closer to maintaining and managing the hardware of any device – something the Android platform needs more than ever.

With this feature, you may now add more customization to the android apps you are trying to make.

Yes, it may be possible for Java to be a bit faster than C++ using the byte-code feature. But C++ still reigns over Java in terms of making more and more CPU-rich operations.

From gaming development to physics simulation – all CPU-intensive tasks can be managed well through C++, which can be an advantage for Android development.

To tell you the truth, C++ may not be the one answer to create android apps – at least all of them – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need it.

You can definitely use C++ to make Android development more complete, more efficient, and more advanced.

There is more to learn though!

  • To Conclude

Be it C++ or Java, the Android platform needs the ‘best of both worlds.

With that being said, it can be stated that you can definitely look into the industry and make your decision after that.

Most Android apps are made of Java, but C++ also makes the ones that are more advanced.

And that is the point. You need to determine when you are into app development and that too in the Android platform.

You can definitely make sure you are working in the best ways possible by choosing the language for your particular application development programs.

When you have to develop simple applications with simple usage and that too in the Android version only, then you can easily go for Java or Kotlin as they can get the job easily and simply.

But, if you are working with cross-platform applications with more feature-rich inclusions, then choosing C++ might be a good idea.

C++ is a flexible language for Android application development and can be good for customization features and more in-depth construction of the applications.

With that in mind, you can do more with the Android development since C++ is closer to the hardware and can be beneficial for offering very good support to the wide numbers of customers around the globe.

To get more out of this language, you need to ask yourself what special needs you have for developing an application.

Are you looking for developing an application with C++? Who knows? Maybe you can help people who want to take out unemployed cash loans by creating the perfect personal loan application using C++ and not the other programming languages.

So, let’s get to work then.

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