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Beat Your Competition Using a Magento Development Company

With over 300000 traders global and a gross income of around a hundred billion dollars every year, Magento is an impressive desire for any eCommerce business. Recent research recommends that 2% of the overall websites all over the globe are operating on Magento or Magento 2 platform. If you are also willing to develop your eCommerce business using Magento then, hiring a Magento development company will be the best choice.

If you want to set up your online business using this platform, your decision to hire Magento 2 developer will work in your favor. Today we will discuss a few things that your competitors know about this platform. You can improvise on them to beat the competition.

Things your competitors are already working on their Magento Websites.

As eCommerce is one of the most competitive industries to operate in 2021, you need a constant watch on your competitors. Below are some of the trending things for which you need to hire a Magento development company. Make sure that you do this at the earliest to get the upper hand on your competitors.

  • Multiple payment gateways

All customers don’t have equivalent purchasing powers so solutions like consumer financing are popular these days. You can provide such options to your users so that they can buy even high-value products without worrying about their budgets.

You can also offer options like buy now pay later to encourage users to complete their purchases. Your decision to hire a Magento development company for integrating multiple payment options helps you overcome the problem of cart abandonment.

  • Flexible Shipping

Having a good process for shipping the products is an essential ingredient for a successful eCommerce website. Hire Magento 2 developer today to integrate multiple shipping options.

Your competitors are already enjoying the benefits of multiple shipping models. These shipping models may include same-day delivery, member-specific delivery options, or custom delivery dates of orders.

You can make the experiences of your buyers much better by providing different shipping options in your store. Offering free shipping can also work favorably for your business.

  • Optimizing stores for Mobile Traffic

Targeting mobile users is among the top priorities for online business strategies in 2021. If you ignore it, you will be left way behind in the present-day competition. Many of your competitors are making good profits by working on it so, why are you lagging?

Hire a Magento development company today to make your store responsive. It will make your store accessible from any device without distorting the experience of your customers. It will also help you gain growth by utilizing the immense potential of mobile traffic in your store.

  • Newsletters and frequent promotions

Newsletters and promotions are among the best ways to engage your customers and convince them to buy more in your store. Visit any of your competitor stores, and you can find the promotions and newsletters paying a positive role for them.

You should also hire Magento 2 developer to integrate such things on your eCommerce platform. The developer will help to use readily available plugins or develop an extension from scratch. Newsletters and promotions help engage the customers to achieve more sales for your business.

  • Simple Checkout Process

The complexity of the checkout process can lead to a change of mind for your customer before making the purchases. Most eCommerce stores are already improvising on it and, ignoring it can turn against you.

A longer checkout process can make you lose sales despite your best efforts.

Take help from a good Magento development company to create a simple, intuitive, and fast checkout process for your store.

  • Advanced Product Filters

Product filters can help you to cater unique experiences for your store users. When you hire Magento 2 developer, he can help you develop custom extensions to offer unique product filters.

By facilitating the users to refine the product search, you can get their trust and preference whenever they shop online. Though there are pre-built extensions available for it, you need to try something unique and valuable for your customers to beat your competitors.

  • Fast Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website plays a vital role in the overall performance of your store. If you observe the top competitor in your niche, you can find that the websites that they are using are lighting fast.

Even the top search engines like Google give preference to fast websites. If your store is lacking the loading speed, it is better to hire a Magento expert to overcome this problem.


So now you know the things that may be pushing you back in the cut-throat competition. Waiting for things to get even worse is not a wise idea. Ensure to get the services of a Magento development company today to overcome the obstacles between your store and its success.

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