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What Are The Benefits of IoT Platforms for CSPs?

Telecommunications companies may profit from IoT enabled remote monitoring and maintenance with billions of dollars in costly cellular towers and data centers deployed worldwide. The telecom IoT platform offers these businesses the tremendous potential to connect with and increase their existing client base by organically reaching infrastructure and solutions. By monitoring owned assets such as mobile phone towers and base stations, IoT Solutions for CSPs may also assist them in saving capital and operating spending on essential infrastructure.

There are different ways how IoT platforms are used in the telecom industry. Their benefits are:

Operational efficiency

The use of an IoT solution for telcos helps enhance operational efficiency. IoT enables the collection of real-time data that may be altered to improve productivity, minimize the number of resources required, and eliminate human error. An IoT solution has the potential to impact the following processes when it comes to operational efficiency.

  • Inventory management
  • Staff management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Location optimization
  • Asset management and maintenance


An IoT platform may assist telcos in prospering by decreasing development time to accelerate time to market, making programs scalable, lowering expenses, and eliminating technical faults. All this will ultimately help to increase the speed and efficiency of the services offered to customers.


A major challenge for CSPs is to maintain the security and privacy of their data and that of customers too. A telecom IoT platform enables CSPs to monitor and discover security vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. With a connectivity management platform, it is possible for CSPs to undergo a thorough security risk assessment that examines vulnerabilities in devices and network systems and user and customer backend systems.

Customer satisfaction

By tracking equipment for faults, IoT solutions for CSPs may boost customer satisfaction. In certain cases, IoT sensors may be useful to detect issues before they occur.  The IoT platforms for CSPs might deliver an alert to an engineer notifying them of the possible issue, it may be resolved before it causes any inconvenience for the customers.


One of the most difficult obligations in the telecom industry is telecom tower monitoring. Physical damage, security, and connection issues are all concerns that should be monitored around the clock. It is possible to remotely monitor towers using IoT solutions for telcos, ensuring that all data is processed and any problems are treated in a timely manner.

New revenue generation streams

Telecoms may diversify the sources of their revenue via entertainment, workplace communication, B2B sales data, and mobile eCommerce by investing in telecom customer portal management. CSPs must collaborate with IoT ecosystem allies to come up with viable 5G use cases. IoT solutions allow telecommunication companies to implement value-added services for customers, enabling operators to boost profits.

The communications industry is constantly evolving to compete and collaborate with the non-telecommunications world. From customer engagement to back-end business processes, every aspect is viewed through the lens of automation and AI.

Digital transformation and migrating from legacy systems to modern architecture are key challenges for many CSPs. To compete in this digital era, communications service providers are becoming digital services providers to offer bundled OTT subscriptions for B2C and B2B, while others are entering the world of 5G and IoT, shifting the transformation focus from functionality to customer centricity.

6D Canvas, a complete Digital BSS platform, brings together the entire digital journey, AI-based contextual interactions, advanced billing, eShop experience, and gamification in one box for turnkey digital transformation.

Lynx aggregates various VAS enabler applications into a single, fully optimized stack providing unified integrations into CSP’s core network and IT applications for real-time traffic, charging & billing, customer care, reporting and operations management. It empowers the CSPs to undertake service innovation by opening up their network resources through a SCE and a set of secure and standards-based processes and functions.

The NFV enabled platform is designed to work at scale and helps CSPs reduce the CAPEX & OPEX significantly, optimize the operations and maintenance activities, and significantly improves the time to market for new services through exposure of lightweight APIs for various capabilities. It consolidates all CSP messaging enabler applications without compromising on the key functional and non-functional requirements of each application and each possessing their own logical instance.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) services segment is changing how Telcos and Enterprises do business. Always-connected devices are changing the behavioural patterns of users and devices, and the focus is to deliver excellent customer service, boost operational efficiency, and enhance overall productivity. Infinity, a comprehensive IoT / M2M Connectivity Management Platform, offers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to manage their IoT assets remotely, ensuring the deployment is always secure, cost efficient, and generates valuable data in real-time.

The solution provides advanced automation that enables 24×7 monitoring of assets and their behaviour to keep costs and uptime of connected things under control for enterprises. It also offers complete control over SIMs and customisable features to enable cost optimization and operational efficiency.

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