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7 Signs That You Need to Replace a New Mobile Phone

In ancient times, mobile phones were only used for communication, either through chat or voice. However, now many smart phones have appeared which are not only used for communication but also facilitate various daily activities. Starting from payment process, registration, shopping to photography.

Due to its function, which is absolutely essential, the smartphone can be lost in case of damage. Especially if it is totally dead, causing many activities to be neglected. For this reason, it is not unusual for one person to have more than one smartphone. Interestingly, if you want to buy a new smartphone but don’t have enough funds, there are plenty of proven online loans you can rely on, e.g. Traveloka Pay later.

However, there are people who find more than one mobile phone less practical. For this reason, there are still many who only have one mobile phone. So that you can anticipate this from the beginning, let’s find out the various signs that you need to replace a new mobile phone.

1. Quick Start Battery Drain

Different smartphones have different battery sizes, some have large, medium and small capacity. But if it doesn’t last as usual, it starts draining fast, even though it’s just charged, it looks like you need to replace your cell phone.

In fact, if there is a problem with the battery, it can be replaced in the workshop. It will cost much less to buy a new one. However, if the charger port or connector is damaged, instead of spending a lot of money on repair, it is better to buy a new mobile phone.

2. Unresponsive Splash Screen

The screen will be very touch sensitive when you first buy it. However, if used for years, its performance will begin to decline. Repeated touching can also cause scratches. Additionally, if the phone is dropped frequently, the screen may become unresponsive. This, of course, hinders the various activities being carried out.

If you still put up with using it, it’s okay to hold off on buying a new one. But if work can’t wait, it’s a good idea to immediately think about a new mobile phone that will replace it immediately.

3. Phone Starts up Slowly for Multitasking

It is not only the screen that can slow down the smartphone, but if it is overloaded, it will also slow down its performance. This is also affected by the size of RAM, ROM, chipset and various other specifications.

If you need a lot of demanding applications, it is better to buy phones with high specifications. At least it doesn’t waste storage. Especially if the work being done requires a lot of storage of different files or data. Buy it now and don’t think twice. In order not to lose completely, you can make an exchange.

4. Often Sudden Death

Another symptom is when the smartphone in use often turns off suddenly. For example, when you are on the phone, the phone suddenly restarts itself. This indicates that something is wrong, especially if it happens many times, the bigger the problem.

It’s more annoying when you’re working on something, it didn’t save, and then it turns itself off, making you angry. If you take it to the service center, you are afraid that the “disease” will return at any time. It is better to buy a new one.

5. Screen Cracks are too Serious

Even if the screen is covered with a protector, it may crack due to a fall or other accidents. If the crack is light and still usable, it’s fine as long as it’s not in the way.

However, if the crack is too serious and there is a fear that it will damage other components as well, this is also a sign that it is time to replace the smartphone with a new one. It is also feared, cracks on the screen also reduce its function. So unresponsive and prone to shaking. It’s easy to get a bug if you get a little water.

6. It does not yet Support 4G Networks

Now, many developing countries in the world are supporting 5G internet networks. For example, South Korea poured a budget of more than 331 trillion won into its development. In Indonesia itself, 5G networks already exist in several metropolitan cities, such as Jakarta or Surabaya.

Don’t go too far, now many Indonesians are still using 4G network because 5G network has not yet spread to different corners. However, if your mobile still does not support 4G network and cannot be upgraded, buy a new mobile immediately so that the internet network you are using is more stable and faster than the 3G or even LTE version.

7. He Often Worries

The idea of ​​why buy when it can be fixed is actually a normal thing. And if you do it continuously, it doesn’t matter. However, if smartphone malfunctions are becoming more frequent and it costs a lot of money to replace things, don’t keep your smartphone anymore.

Especially if you already have a mobile phone for more than 2 or 3 years. It may happen that production has stopped or spare parts are hard to find. Instead of spending more money just to go to a service center, view your smartphone instantly at your favorite e-shop.

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