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6 Tips that will Protect you when Buying Gadgets Online

There is nothing like being able to test and play with electronic devices in the store, but buying devices online also has its benefits. Every model is at your fingertips without having to go through traffic to browse and buy. Buying online also makes it easy to compare prices to find the best deal.

But because you earn thousands and millions from buying laptops, tablets, and headphones, you should be careful about where to buy them. Here are some tips to stay safe when buying online or new gadgets.

6 Tips That Will Protect You When Buying Gadgets Online

1. Require use

Shop at reputable online stores with reliable customer feedback. Many phone brands also have online stores where you can rate your latest smartphone. Brands that do not sell their products online often have a list of reputable resellers on their website.

Avoid dealing with websites that you feel you cannot trust. Always verify the contact details provided by them including your physical address, phone number, and email address. Also, check your privacy statement whether they give your information to third parties.

2. Make sure the website is secure

Real e-commerce sites are encrypted with a secure socket layer or SSL certificates to ensure that any information you enter is not vulnerable to hackers. Companies seeking an SSL certificate must go through a verification process to protect all the data being transferred from their browser to the website’s server.

To find out if a website is SSL certified, look for a lock padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar and the status bar at the bottom of your web browser. Clicking on the padlock icon will open a pop-up window displaying information about the SSL certificate. The URL must also begin with “https” instead of “https”.

It is even better if the site has an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, which is displayed as a green address bar with a padlock icon. This means that the company has demonstrated its identity and legitimacy as a business.

Another thing to check is the domain spelling to make sure you are not working with a phishing site. Instead of clicking the link in the email from the online provider, write the domain in your browser to ensure that you are connecting to your desired website.

You should avoid buying anything using public Wi-Fi networks as they are not encrypted.

3. Check warranties

New equipment should always have a warranty. Ask to see it before purchasing. You must have at least one service guaranteed, which means you can repair your item if you find a defect. There should also be a limited time replacement warranty.

In addition to warranty information, you should also mention the store’s return policy.

4. Esk Manny’s questions were building each other’s hand

Even if you are looking for second-hand devices in established markets like Shopee, OLX, and eBay, you cannot completely avoid fake sellers. But at least you can see some red flags that you should tell to stay away.

First, prices that are very good are probably true. To find out if the price is right, check with various vendors to see what the normal range is. If the selling price deviates too much from that range, stay away.

Ask the seller several questions. What is your reason for selling? How did you come up with the price? What are the drawbacks of the gadget? Sellers who do not respond should be marked on their list.

5. DELIVERIES choice count

It may be convenient to have your new smartphone delivered at home, but it is still safe to meet with the seller or pick up your item at the physical store. That way, you can test your item first and inspect its condition, especially if it is a second-hand device.

Check for dents and scratches on the screen. Evaluate video playback and sound clarity. Ensure that the headphone jack and all buttons work well. All advertised goods must be included in the package and function as indicated.

Your device is considered good and works well after the deal is finalized, so please use caution when checking its status.

6. Use a secure payment method

Major e-commerce sites accept credit and debit cards, and it must be safe to transact with your card if the site has an SSL certificate.

When purchasing a second hand, be sure to ask what payment methods are accepted. Bestsellers.

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