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Why Should Prefer Free Video Call Instead of Premium Video?

Communication is essential for success and boosted output in any firm. In a time when most workers work from home, live video call api & sdk important to communicate with them frequently to see how their projects are doing. Real-time contact with a person or group of people from different locations is now possible thanks to the development of computers, internet connections, and effective virtual communication tools.


A video call is a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) call in which the caller may be seen in real time thanks to video technology. Video calls can be made using the webcam on a computer, a smartphone, tablet, or any video-capable phone system, as well as other electronic components. Frequently, additional software is needed.

Free video call- What is it?

A video call is a phone call made over the Internet, often known as VoIP, that uses video to send a live image of the person making the call. The best video call solution, webcam on a computer or a smartphone, tablet, or video-capable phone system can be used to make free video calls, as can other electronic components.

A Brief note on Premium video calls

Nowadays, there are many paid video call app are available on the internet, as well video call apps for ios and android. Once you get your subscription plan active, You can access those apps life time free chat APIs, 21 days free trails for video call ( depending upo app days maybe vary)  and so on.

The Difference Between Free Video Calling and Premium Video Calling Api

Quick Speed to Market: By swiftly adding functionality, ready-made video calling APIs and SDKs let developers stay one step ahead of the competition. You can grab a longer meeting length without any slag.

Reduced Maintenance: Your integration partner will only be concerned with your video API. Noise cancellation won’t have an impact on the audio capture during screen sharing.Meet eliminates sounds that don’t resemble voices. Voices from the television or concurrent conversations won’t be blocked out.

Additional Security: Video APIs are subject to the strictest data security requirements due to the sensitive nature of video and text-based chat information.  Both the active speaker and anything being offered are recorded. The recordings are placed in the Meet Recordings folder of the organizer’s My Drive account.

Why not Use Free Video Calling for Business Purposes?

Free video calls are frequently made with users’ needs in mind rather than those of corporate users, who have completely different requirements for collaboration. Because of this, using them may give the impression that you lack professionalism and even originality. Free apps’ audio and video don’t have the same quality as professional video conferencing, and they don’t offer live, in-meeting, round-the-clock customer assistance and you can also develop video call application, by your own.

Outline of Video calling in business field

With the help of video conferencing, you can reduce travel expenses, take advantage of the flexibility of remote work, increase productivity, speed up creativity, and forge stronger bonds and you can do all of this for nothing right now of free chat apis.

List of four free websites
Google Hangouts Meet
Voice and free video calls can be supported via two protocols.

i) Note on Websocket

Modern technology called the WebSocket API allows a user’s browser and a server to start a two-way interactive contact session.

ii) Overview of WebRTC

As we are particularly mindful of, WebRTC is the critical execution for spilling of media content starting with one client-server then onto the next.


Signaling in telecommunications is the use of signals to manage communications. Depending on the type of telephone instrument being used, the subscriber loop signalling will vary. The internal component of a switching system known as the “intra exchange signalling” depends greatly on the type and design of the switching system, which varies based on the model.

STUN Server

A STUN server is a computer that responds to requests sent over a public network. The STUN server enables users to discover their public IP address, the NAT type they are using, and the Internet side port that the NAT has assigned to a certain local port. In order to establish a call, this information is used to configure UDP connection between the client and the VoIP provider. In RFC 3489, the STUN protocol is described.

The STUN server is accessed through UDP port 3478, however the server will advise clients to do tests on different IP addresses and port numbers as well (STUN servers have two IP addresses). These port and IP are chosen at random, according to the RFC.

TURN Server

When one or both parties are behind NAT, a TURN server acts as a media relay/proxy that enables peers to exchange UDP or TCP media traffic. Let’s look at a few terms first before attempting to grasp how a TURN server functions. In a TURN session, there are 2 participants:

Client (TURN client)– A host connected to the TURN server for communication is known as a client (TURN Client). By sending TURN messages, it communicates with the server in accordance with the standard.

Peers– The hosts that the client wants to speak with are known as peers. The traffic between the client and peers is relayed by the TURN server. Every peer engages in normal peer-to-peer communication with the server.

Why provide a premium video chat feature?

As memos, letters, and other written forms of business communication of top live video calling apis have always been a part of company culture, incorporating email into the system was a simple and natural procedure.


Today, sending critical emails through email takes a lot of time and frequently results in delayed decisions and responses utilized with live integrative chat software . Businesses have had more success increasing staff productivity by employing cutting-edge tools like video chat.

List of 3 sites:



So far, we have seen all the primitive details about the live video call  api, along with its amazing features. In addition, we have seen the difference between free video calling and premium video calling.

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