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Does Your ERP Solution Compliant with the 4‘S’ of Ideal Remote Working?

The government has partially lifted the lockdown imposed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic and the people have started living normally again but with masks and sanitizers. However, the risk of the virus is the same, and the older ones, kids, and others with chronic diseases are still prone to infections. Considering the impact of the COVID-19 spread, some forward-looking and employee-centric companies have already rendered a year of work from home for the good health of their employees.

Where the work from home culture sounds cools for many of us, the same has its own limitations too. Yes, the idea is good for the well being of the employees but some companies that lack the advanced tool and IT infrastructure are unable to mitigate the challenges associated with the home office, which as a result is certainly impacting their business.

While the leaders have to be sensitive towards the health of their employees, they can’t compromise with the business and sales as well. So what’s the solution? How can IT and remote working be modified within the limited budget so as to benefit both the employees and employers in the long run.

Adapting the New Working Culture

As your resources start to set up their home office and take some time to adjust to the new working methods and their home networks and connections – make sure you don’t add to their troubles by making them use the same old legacy systems or less efficient ERPs. In these trying times, where the entire working processes have been changed – there’s a need to change the technology standard as well. It’s only when your existing ERP satisfies the 4’S’ of ideal working, you can aspire to progress in COVID season. 

The 4’S’ stands for: Safe, Shape, Share and Shoot

Let’s understand the meaning of the 4’S’ of ideal working of ERP in detail.

  • Safe

Implies for Security of the Data

As the entire team starts to work from home and exchange confidential information online, the cyber attacks seem to be all set to exploit our businesses. Thus, this is the foremost and most important trait expected from the ERP. The information exchanged must travel in an encrypted form so as to maintain the security of the data.

  • Shape

Implies for the shaping up of the data

As we switch from on-premise to home-offices, leaders need to make sure that the data is completely accessible for the resources and should not pose any roadblock in carrying out the business processes. Also, ERP needs to be efficient enough to mitigate the complexities of employees while accessing and shaping the information in the form of mission-critical reports and analysis.

  • Share

Implies for sharing of Information

Although, the entire team could be connected via video conferencing and telephonic solutions, yet things are different than what it used to feel like while we were in office. Business experts believe that the more the number of people working from home, the more will be the confusion and lack of clarity. To combat this issue, your ideal ERP should be able to render you a clear and hassle-free gateway to share and analyze business information, which is easy to create and read.

  • Shoot

Implies for the rise in Business Value

Success of Business and Employees’ satisfaction at work goes hand in hand. Things are difficult for everyone and leaders need to understand both the pain points of their employees and current business situation as well. Thus, an ideal ERP should be able to give the leaders visibility across the entire business and their performance of each employee on the fingertips. This way, the issues could be solved faster while maintaining a speedy recovery rate because of the economic crisis due to COVID-19.

Ideal ERP with Lifelong Solution

Having learnt about the traits of the ideal ERP solution, it is now time to analyze that only a reliable lifelong ERP solution can meet the requirements of an emerging company. The situations like Pandemic may arrive in future as well, thus, we as leaders need to be prepared with a robust ERP solution. SAP Business One, is the best ERP software that not just follows these 4’S’ traits but also streamlines your daily workflow. 

Together with Ideal SAP B1 hosting partner, the solution can help you take your business goals to the next level.

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