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Best Ecommerce Development Solutions you Should Know in 2020

Ecommerce can be mind-boggling for many of us. As a combination of several complex applications and designs, ecommerce platforms take everyone by surprise. Today, the internet is crowded with these websites, and their number is increasing day by day. Developing an ecommerce platform is quite a troublesome task. Therefore, the development solutions required here are more powerful than other tools. Many owners examine a lot before going for ecommerce website development to get the best out of it. An excellent ecommerce solution can assuredly give you massive profits. In this article, I will tell you about the best ecommerce development solutions you should know by this year. 

10 Best Ecommerce Development Solutions You Should Know

1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an ecommerce development solution where you can enjoy off-hosting with peculiar flexibility. Its drag-and-drop feature makes every part of development easy for you. A newbie can set up BigCommerce as it does not require any technical expertise. BigCommerce comes with monthly fees that could be annoying for you. 

2. X-Cart

Those who are in touch with their coding skills can go for X-Cart, an open-source alternative that can blend with WordPress. X-Cart is not a DIY choice. Still, you can use it for hosting purposes. Other than this, one can use its outstanding SEO features and a variety of payment gateways. X-Cart is primarily designed for mobile users because the number of smartphones is rising.

3. Shopify

Any owner who finds it difficult to afford a web developer should use Shopify. The development platform requires a user with minimal technical skills. Shopify is a handy choice among most of the ecommerce business owners all around the world. Shopify contains the plug-and-play feature, together with the plugins from WordPress.

4. WooCommerce

All the founders who are fond of WordPress can go for WooCommerce for their ecommerce platform development. WooCommerce delivers a brilliant user experience to all the visitors both in laptops and smartphones. There are no charges while using this tool, but you have to pay a few dollars while buying upgrades for better performance.

5. PrestaShop

When you have a little or no budget at all, you should use PrestaShop. PrestaShop can still give you a rich user experience with a decent number of features. One can expect an ideal ecommerce platform getting risen by astonishing features of this tool. However, a limitation of scalability exists in PrestaShop. You won’t get this here in a better way.

6. JungleScout

Merchandising is crucial for any ecommerce platform, and you won’t get it on many of the development solutions. JungleScout is the one where you will find it in its best colors. This tool allows you to recognize the best products as per your niche selection. Such a feature makes JungleScout a unique choice amongst other available tools. 

7. Magento

Magento is there to compete with its rival, X-Cart. But, it is not performing that good because of it not focusing on mobile technology. Magento got a replacement with Magento 2.0 that brought some stability features for all its users. For small businesses, this tool proves to work well. It’s not an option for large-scale enterprises.

8. Squarespace

It is an ecommerce development solution from Squarespace, a firm from New York. The company has been offering a plethora of ecommerce development solutions. Just like Bigcommerce, it allows its users to use the drag-and-drop facility. Squarespace is beneficial for small and medium enterprises, and it has several predesigned, compelling templates.

9. Wix.com

Wix has now become a primary choice among all the web developers. After WordPress, it is the most common tool behind every small and large-scale website. Wix also has a variety of templates and functionalities good enough for an ecommerce platform. It has five versions, from the basic to an enterprise version.

10. Big Cartel

Last but not least, Big Cartel can be a good pick for ecommerce development. This one is for the artists who are willing to showcase their talent through a diverse platform. With Big Cartel, photographers, fashion designers, and other professionals can reach the masses. It is available from Gold, a free version to Titanium, that has a monthly price.

Final Thoughts

So, you have seen some top ecommerce development solutions that are raging in the market. Some don’t need any expertise, while others may require you to have a web developer at your side. The solutions are available at different prices. My suggestion will be to go for the most expensive version. The regular ones don’t give any value to your platform. In case you can’t manage the development process, approach an ecommerce website development company. There are plenty of ecommerce development services in India. Here, you can find the most reliable solution for all your ecommerce needs. Lastly, the tools I have described above can give a cutting-edge to your online shopping portal.

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