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5 Businesses Dedicated to Protecting Your Privacy and Property

While it may seem like a small step, data protection has become increasingly crucial for businesses. It’s no longer enough for large companies to have a data breach. The same is true of small businesses where the majority of them fail after a cyber-attack. It’s a good idea to protect your property and privacy. In some cases, you can find an excellent company that will help you keep your personal information secure. The good news is that several businesses are devoted to protecting your privacy and property. Here are five of them.


KPMG is committed to ensuring the security of your personal data. This means that they take the necessary steps to ensure that your business meets the legal and regulatory requirements. Their data protection services include comprehensive audits.

As well as investigations and comprehensive training. KPMG will help you implement effective data security controls for your website. In addition, they provide comprehensive guidance for all of our clients to keep their personal data safe.

Live View GPS

Live View GPS protection data services and GPS tracker can be used to monitor the safety of all types of vehicles, including those that travel at high speeds. The device will send a live update every thirty minutes, even if the ignition is off and the vehicle is not moving.

The system has an internal battery backup and will continue to transmit the location even if the power source is disconnected. It also provides a unified dashboard for all users.

The Live View GPS protection data services can be integrated into existing GPS Tracker software.

The service can be used to monitor and investigate your fleet. Ensure that you carefully consider the privacy concerns of your employees before implementing this type of technology.

Upstream Security

Based in Israel, Upstream Security creates a cloud-based shield that inhibits cyber-attacks before they reach the vehicle’s network, giving car manufacturers, software developers, service providers, and fleets a new line of protection.

The use of a potent combination of cloud technologies, big data, and machine learning allows for the prediction and immediate detection of security incidents, privacy leaks, and policy breaches efforts on the public network.

Upstream’s cyber security platform helps OEMs leverage their data to protect their assets and prevent cyber-attacks. It also provides a platform to help OEMs unlock the value in collected data.

According to Research Gate, as connected vehicles become more common, cyber security is increasing concern for the industry and OEMs. It’s imperative to protect the security of connected vehicles to ensure the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers.


Enveil has developed a unique decentralized approach to secure data collaboration. With the Never Decrypt computation capability, participating entities retain ownership of sensitive assets.

This approach differentiates the Enveil solution from other Privacy Enhancing Technology-based offerings. It enables organizations to securely search and share third-party data while also ensuring minimal impact on the user experience.

As a certified privacy-enhancing computing company, Enveil has gained a strong following among companies and governments worldwide.

Pass base

Pass base is a company that provides identity verification infrastructure and helps companies meet their KYC and AML compliance needs. The service is flexible and developer-friendly, allowing companies to incorporate ID verification and other privacy-related requirements into their applications.

Its goal is to provide a robust trust infrastructure for the internet, keeping businesses safe while protecting their end users’ privacy. The company aims to be a key player in the identity verification market and is committed to protecting user privacy.

Passbase’s identity verification service uses zero-knowledge architecture to ensure that consumers’ information is not disclosed to third parties. They can also integrate the product into their applications, which is crucial for security in the digital age.


The first benefit of hiring a company to protect your privacy or property is the increased level of protection that it will provide. Businesses, as well as private lives, often face crimes, such as identity theft, cyber-attacks, and property damage. Therefore physical security, as well as digital security, is necessary. While public security forces protect the public, they cannot protect private property. A private security company can be personalized, giving you peace of mind.

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