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Components of Cybersecurity Culture in Organizations

As new technology is being developed daily with cloud computing and new software applications taking over the world, more doors have opened the door for a potential cyber-attack.

Mayur Rele cybersecurity expert says “ With cybersecurity threats expanding daily and businesses suffering from data breaches every time, it’s no surprise that most companies now focus more on cybersecurity.” In fact, research has shown that 50% of business organizations have made cybersecurity their priority for the next year.

Why the need for cybersecurity culture technology

Cybersecurity culture is important in every organization. It is the process of promoting safe cybersecurity practices among your workers. This is the act of incorporating good cybersecurity practices through an organization, making the employers aware of cybersecurity threats and how to mitigate the threat by amending their behaviors. Many organizations focus only on investing in cybersecurity technology and they fail to forget to attend to its human side which is the most difficult risk to overcome.

Most times, cybersecurity criminals attack organizations using emails, and tactics that are similar to the organization processes which makes the employees the first defense every organization should strengthen. After all, those emails are clicked by humans, not the computer itself. Therefore, that is the area we all need to focus more. The employers are also the ones that have access to the organization networks, data, and system making them an important building block to stop cybersecurity threats in the organization.

Cybersecurity culture in the organization provides training and understanding to all employers on how to apply safety measures such as changing their password regularly, identify cyber threats, and many more. This will avoid putting the organization at risk and also educating the employers on how to curb cybersecurity threats.

Read on as Mayur Rele, an expert in cybersecurity and cloud automation takes through components of cybersecurity culture in organizations

Educate your employers

Many organizations neglect the basics which often make the employer make mistakes that could be avoided if they had all the knowledge they need. Educating them about policies such as having a strong password, enabling a 2FA, the standard password will bring it difficult for criminals to break in into their system. Also, it is necessary to educate the head of operations on the importance of limiting data and software access to people that is technologymeant to use it.

Engage in cybersecurity training

Many people don’t love learning. It often reminds them of the school days where they had to learn many things. But it shouldn’t be an excuse to not engage in cybersecurity training.it is also important to make the training interactive and engaging. Use examples that are relatable, show them the implication of bad cybersecurity hygiene. However, do not stop there. Tell them the importance of their role in the organization and how their contribution and support will help the organization achieve its goal. Make the training fun-filled and organize competitions between your employers to see who first discovers a phishing email. You can also organize fun games that are relatable during security training. Relevance is also important. Organize training for each department and let them come together to share their experience with other departments after each training.

 Monitor their behavior after training

Making use of metrics to monitor your employer’s post-training behavior has a great impact on the organization. This will help you know how well you are developing and building a cybersecurity culture in your organization. Also, make sure the training is imparting knowledge in your employees by giving them regular tests and quick assessment.

Mayur Rele,cyber security expert and cloud automation leader from New Jersey, USA, has extensive experience in overseeing global technology, security and cloud infrastructure in healthcare, e-commerce and technology companies.


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