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Best Cloud Applications Security Practices to Follow Every Time

Security is the most crucial concern among IT professionals. Having an inordinate amount of data on the cloud must require extreme safety protocols and most of the IT professionals have begun to make progress in this field. Several organizations are out there that are subscribing for the cloud services to store a ton of data.

Whether you want to store data in a public cloud platform or a private cloud platform, the security of the data would always be the top priority. It is when cloud application security comes into the picture. It helps protect data, infrastructure and cloud-based apps.

Most of the IT professionals understand the importance of securing data, but there are still some misunderstandings about how to secure cloud data. Some IT professionals think that they can ensure maximum security through the VPN. However, others think that they can all security tools within the application.

Cloud security has nothing to do with the vendor, and never think that you will get all security tools within the application. If you store data on the cloud, you need to ensure the maximum security to keep the data protected.

Cloud application security is a process of defining policies to ensure that the information exchange that happens within the cloud network is done with the utmost security. Here are the best practices of the cloud application.

Do not ignore SaaS infrastructure security

Most of the IT professionals ignore the SaaS infrastructure security because they think are habitual of doing the business over the cloud network. They connect to any random tools and applications without giving a second thought that it can put the data security at risk.

Every time a new application is connected to the cloud environment, you are exposed to a new risk. According to studies, over 60% of companies face data breach issues due to the interference of the third party while SaaS accounts for a small portion of it.

This trend is undoubtedly troubling. Your information security team must manage to set the right type of tools to ensure that the data stored on the cloud is safe and secure.

Hackers use upgraded techniques to steal data, and hence you need to keep evolving your data protection security techniques. Here is how you can make a safe SaaS app selection process:

  • It is paramount to know the source of the app. Make sure that a reliable developer offers the app. Check if the app receives timely updates.
  • Be careful while giving permissions. Make sure that the permission you are giving is relevant for its operation. Excessive permission can sometimes harm your private information later.
  • Look out for the ways the app handles authentication. What encryption methods it uses to process your data.
  • Whenever you download an app, make sure that it is not a sham. Sometimes, hackers release a replica of original applications to take you for a ride.

Bear all these points in your mind before you connect applications to your cloud environment.

Cloud phishing and malware threat protection

Gmail is hosted on the cloud, and hence you must use the maximum security. You should use cloud phishing and malware threat protection systems instead of traditional methods because hackers are finding new ways to steal data, and these ways can be strong enough to put cloud security at risk.

Google and Microsoft that are continually enhancing the safety standards are also vulnerable to malware and phishing threats. To solve these issues, you should add a cloud-specific protective layer.

Manage access

Access management is also one of the most crucial factors to consider to ensure the maximum safety of your data over the cloud environment. Therefore, the first step you need to do is to configure multi-factor authentication.

Make sure that you have set up user groups within the application so that only those access to apps that need it. For instance, not everyone will need to access financial data. Restricting access to the application is one of the best and most effective ways to ensure the security of your data.

You should also establish security features to keep tabs on the number of failed attempts. This will let you know how your cloud data is at risk. The best way to overcome this problem is by putting a block on the IP address. You should also identify if there is any abnormal activity being performed during the account takeover.

The use of the cloud platform is on the rise. Many companies are investing in cloud applications. They do not hesitate to fund it with quick loans in Ireland in case of a shortfall of a budget. If you are also using the cloud for your data, make sure that you use the best data security practices.

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