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How to Choose a Programmable Voice API for your Business

What is Programmable Voice API?

A Programmable voice call API is an application programming interface that will be embedded into any existing application. Any app that has voice API integration can make, receive and control phone calls using any device from anywhere in the world. It directly works with the network carrier making the process easy and fast. 

Programmable Voice API can also record phone calls and store them on the cloud, and perform audio conference calls. One of the most prominent features of this is that users of the app can utilize this function without any advanced knowledge or specific hardware. Telephone network connections are not involved as the calling is via the internet, making it quick and uninterrupted.

Users can make phone calls in a variety of ways: phone calls from a phone, phone calls from the app, record calls, establish conference calls, make verification calls, track calls and transcribe them using voice chat API.

Building with programmable voice solution : A Study

Companies can deploy their developers to use voice call SDK for building applications with virtual communication capabilities. Communication by voice can be utilized for internal meetings within the employees of the company – either within the office or across different locations, and external meetings with clients and investors.

  • Contact center software – Programmed Call Routing

Voice call API has the contact center software that routes calls to the right agent based on the issue selected by the customer for contacting the customer service by calling. The user of the app that has programmable voice API is given options to choose that specify the reason for which they are contacting. This information is then used by the contact center software to provide context to the agents. It is a flexible solution where you can add locations, agents, phone numbers, and capabilities easily.

  • Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) – Way to Connect

UCaaS supports cloud telephony, instant and unified messaging, meetings, mobility, and communication-enabled business processes. Any or all of these solutions can be integrated into an existing application based on the requirements of the business. Companies can use a single platform for internal and external communication. By internal communication, we mean communication within the company – between employees, and external communication is with the clients. UCaaS is scalable, flexible, and reliable, as it supports omnichannel communications that increase productivity multifold.

  • Call tracking – Marketing Insights

Businesses can reach out to their target audience using multiple channels. To track the medium using which the customer and prospective customers responded, call tracking is required. This gives detailed insight as to the performance of marketing campaigns and will aid in the improvement of the same. Call tracking helps sales and marketing teams with the data they need to measure the success of every marketing campaign. The call tracking system also centralizes the responses from all the sources to keep a record of customer contacts.

  • Conversational AI apps – Voice Conversation with Customers

Machine learning along with natural language processing is used while developing conversational AI apps. This enables communication with humans to gain a basic understanding and complete tasks. Conversational AI apps make a voice conversation with the customers over a phone call wherein the customers are given options to choose and based on the option chosen AI continues the conversation. 

Companies can use the voice chat api to program as many conversations using the AI as they want. It can be used at every stage of the buying process – initial potential customer contact for inquiry, lead engagement, buying decision, post-purchase queries, and customer support. 

Process Speaks to choose programmable voice API

Voice API can be used by any business in any industry of any size to establish omni channel communication in their business model. It could be an existing application they have that can be used on a mobile phone or on the web, or software that is used within their offices.

Building a voice chat app from scratch requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Why spend so much time building when the product already exists in the market? 

Voice call SDK can be integrated into any application within a few hours to work efficiently. It is also fully customizable which means in-house developers of any company can only utilize the features that they require.

Buying a ready-to-use voice API means instantly making use of all the features that it has and start reaping its benefits. There is no need to document an API or test it to ensure that it meets the requirements. All you need to do is find a voice API that is developed by reliable developers who provide solid support, a powerful network, and easy integration into your systems.

Why Choose CONTUS MirrorFly voice API?

CONTUS MirrorFly voice APIs and SDKs can be integrated into any platform – Android, iOS, or any web browser. Once the voice API is integrated into an existing app, the app can be used on any device from anywhere in the world at any time. Voice calls are high quality and high speed as they do not rely on network service providers.

It is built with webRTC, SIP, and VoIP with a high-performance infrastructure. It is hosted on the cloud and stored on the cloud. This means companies can access any data at any time from any device.


  • Elastic SIP trunking
  • Fully customizable
  • End-to-end encrypted audio calls
  • Control and modify call queues
  • Modify calls in progress
  • Make outgoing calls
  • Record calls
  • Group calls and conference calls
  • Text-to-speech
  • Audio re-routing
  • Call conversion
  • Detailed call analytics report
  • Call transcription
  • Remote access
  • Secure file transmission

It is a one-time purchase subscription that companies can utilize for a lifetime. CONTUS MirrorFly has over 300 developers who can develop a customized solution for any industry. 

The duration of integrating the voice API into the system and app depends on the industry and the requirements of the user. Since the solution is fully customizable, it can suit any business, any sector – healthcare, apparel, insurance, digital marketing, e-commerce, etc.


Since programmable voice API is one of the best investments you will make in your business, you must choose the right one. The best voice API providers come with a one-time investment. 

The cost generally depends on the provider you choose, the call types, and the features you need. Getting a package deal is a good idea as you can utilize the features as your business expands.

Good Luck!

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