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Best Imperialhal Apex Settings and Keybinds

Are you looking for the best Apex Legends settings to give your team a competitive edge? These are the top Apex Legends settings you can use.

Setting game settings is often overlooked. Most people simply accept the default settings and don’t bother to change them. Game settings, especially when playing competitive games, are the most important thing you can adjust.

You can increase your FPS by changing settings such as graphics settings. You might get 30 FPS if you are playing Apex Legends with a Nintendo Switch. On PC, you can adjust some settings to make it more enjoyable.

You can improve your game with additional settings such as Field of View, Sprint Shake and Minimap Rotation.

Apex Legends is a fun game that can be played with friends. Make sure you optimize your settings to make it possible for you to become the champion of the arena. These are the top Apex Legends settings to improve your game.

Here are the Best Apex Legends Settings For You

You can look through the sections to see if you can adjust any imperialhal apex settings. These settings can improve your FPS and provide a better gaming experience.

The Gameplay settings are the first group of settings. These settings affect the UI appearance, map, damage feedback, accessibility, and other settings. There are many settings, so I will only discuss the most important.

The interact prompt style setting shows more or less information depending on what you choose. For more advanced players, I recommend it is set to “compact”, which reduces visual clutter. If you are new to Apex Legends, it can be left on “default”.

Crosshair damage feedback only shows an “X” when an opponent is hit. You can reduce visual clutter by turning it off and using damage numbers instead. It will add the total damage to your opponent if you set the damage numbers to “stacking”.

Other settings, such as minimap rotation, ping transparency, weapon auto-cycle when empty and incoming damage feedback, are mostly determined by your personal preference.

In emergency situations, the weapon auto-cycle can come in handy. It automatically switches to another weapon when you run low on ammo. The incoming damage feedback provides a visual indication of the location you are being shot from.

Other settings, which do not appear in the above settings can be left as default, unless you have special uses for them like text to speech and colorblind mode.

Configurations for the Mouse/Keyboard/Controller

Next, we will discuss the mouse/keyboard settings. These settings include keybinds, vibration, and other movement settings. While most settings here should be adjusted based on your personal preferences, I will still provide some guidance to help you find the best Apex Legends settings.

Best Apex Legends Sensitivity Setting

Let’s start with aim sensitivity. Apex is fast-paced and requires you to aim horizontally as well vertically. Apex requires a higher or faster aim sensitivity than tactical shooters such as CS:GO or Valiant. You can convert your Valorant aim sensibility to a baseline and make adjustments from there.

You can also use the eDPI of professionals as a baseline. The effective dots per inch, or eDPI, is a better method to measure your in-game sensitivities. This is a better way to measure your actual mouse sensitivity. Simply multiply your mouse DPI by your in-game mouse sensitivity.

Apex Legends pros have an average eDPI around 1400 and an average ADS sensitive of 1. This is a great place to start, especially for those who don’t know what level to use.

You should also leave the mouse settings such as mouse invert or mouse acceleration “Off”. They are not helpful and can actually do more harm than good to your aim.

However, it’s normal for controller players have a sensitivity of between 3 and 5 with the same ADS sensitivities. Unless you have poor controller sticks, both the movement deadzone and look deadzone should be set to “small”.

If you want to know about more faze sway settings you can read this after if you have any doubt ask me.

Best Keybinds

Apex Legends has some great default keybinds. These default keybinds are great and should not hinder your gameplay. There are a few things you can do to improve your game.

If you find the default “Z”, your ultimate ability is too difficult to reach, you can change it to “F”. You can also use the side buttons of your mouse to bind them to equip a melee attack, grenade or other health items. This saves time and makes it easier to access these actions.

Controller players are limited in the number of buttons they can use, so keybinds are not as varied. There are a few presets that you can choose from. You can always try one of these profiles if you don’t feel comfortable with the defaults.

Apex Legends allows you to design your controller layout if you wish to change everything completely.


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