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Top 5 Benefits Of React Js For Front-end Development

There are a lot of languages and libraries available for everyday development projects. Whether you are working on a web project or a native mobile app, you need something flexible and feasible. An easy-to-implement library can save you a whole lot of troubleshooting, testing, rewriting, and modification of code to meet your needs.

In the JavaScript world, there are several options that you can choose from. While some libraries might be retiring, new developments in the market still make the number quite huge. You might be wondering what the best JavaScript option you should settle for to make your work more effective and versatile.

In this post, you will learn about React JavaScript, its abilities, and why your React JS development company should use it for your front-end development projects.

What is React JS?

Back in 2013, Facebook launched React, a JavaScript framework for front-end development. However, due to its immense usability and scalability, React JS is much more than a framework; it’s a library. Web developers and native apps creators find the tool useful in various aspects, putting it ahead in the list of the most common JavaScript libraries and frameworks, like angular 2 and Vue.

More developers are moving to React for their developments. Some have decided to label it the future of the web. Globally, React takes the fourth position in all known web developments. It is third in the top 1 million sites and the second-most-popular library in all websites in the United States.

Currently, there are around 2 million websites built with React JS. 82560 developers have so far reported using React in their developments. 9537 companies, including Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, and Shopify, have reported using the library in their tech deployments.

With so much popularity and immense growth, there must be something unique about React that you need to know. What could be fueling so much interest in React around the world?

These are the top five benefits of building with React JS:

1. Fast Deployment

Speed is an essential aspect and quality of a developer. We understand that you need an error-free implementation with rigorous testing. While you need to spend quality time with your development, you should not finish all your allocated time doing the same thing. Improving your working speed will effectively help you to complete more projects.

React employs Virtual DOM to enhance processing and implementation. You can create dynamic pages on your program and spend minimal time. At the end of your projects, you would have saved significant time for development, testing, and deployment.

2. Easily Customizable

Do you need a unique approach for all your projects? If yes, React JS is an ideal tool for all your goals. The library enhances your creativity and custom work. Creating modules is one of the functionalities any developer would need. With React, you can create “bundles” of the parts you want to build for specific functionalities of your app. You can also categorize your files, describing what you are building to make them easier for collaboration, troubleshooting, and revision.

3. Integrate with Current Project

As a developer, you might have had a project you were working on and realized that it is consuming too much of your time. As you come across React, you wonder whether you can use the framework within your existing project.

The good news is that you do not have to scrape your current work or application to use React JS. The library can work together with other implementations to configure and customize your app to your liking. This makes it easier to build new features into an existing project to attain speed and scalability.

4. Possibility for Gradual Migration

From the previous point, you could tell that you can modify the program after implementing sections of React into your app without having to take it offline. React allows you to migrate from other modes of JavaScript without shutting your app due to maintenance in a broader view.

Since you cannot change the code in a program within a day, you may need to move your development gradually. With the ability to modify one piece at a time, React makes it easy to create the future of your app starting now. This feature is inevitable when you have a client that requires new functionalities on their app that can be built into their existing project until you finish migrating the whole program.

5. It is a Popular Tool

We know that you don’t have to buy into something because of how people speak of it. But when it comes to development, you need something that many people use. The popularity of React JS, which you already saw from the beginning, makes it an ideal choice for your future developments. When a piece of software gains popularity, it also gets more testers, troubleshooters, and support. Whenever you meet difficulty in your development project, you would want to check what others did or ask for help. The vast community of React developers makes it easy to find solutions in any circumstance.


React may be new in the development industry. However, that does not mean that it is inferior. With quite some pleasant features and a growing user base, you can tell that the software is what most developers want in the future. You should try it on your next project.

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