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Sweet Home: 7 Sweet Home Extension Ideas For Two-Story Houses

If you’re tired of the same old space you’ve been living in for the past few years and you think it’s time for sweet home extensions, you’re probably right! Now, if your house contains two floors but the entire second floor isn’t occupied yet, you can use it for your extra space. However, other options are also open for you.

Having home extensions opens a lot of possibilities for you and your family. So, if you still have blurry plans about your extensions, check these home extension ideas for your two-story house.

1. Hang Some of its Parts

Been dreaming of having a second-floor balcony? You can make it happen! Hang or make a deck that can be made into a balcony. You can also use the lower part as a patio.

You just have to choose the perfect materials like pressed wood or gravel. The materials and actual design can be whatever you like given that it’ll be at the side or back of your house. However, this kind of project shouldn’t be a weekend DIY. You should call for professional help to make sure that the whole home extension process is safe.

2. Consider Side Extensions

Don’t have enough garden space? You can add a two-story extension on the side of your house. You’ll just need to pattern the extension with the existing structure of your house.

However, you should be sure that the side extension project will not block anything behind it. Use the side that’s less busy than the others so that you won’t have to make further adjustments.

3. You can use the Spaces

If you have extra spaces between the main house and the garage, you can also turn it into a sweet home extension. You can use the extension in any room you like. In addition, the space of your property will be maximized. The problem with this is that you’ll just get what space offers, no more or less.

Additionally, the spaces used as home extensions can also be done in semi-detached houses. It’ll open up another internal way to easily visit the entire house. It will also make your sweet home bigger and brighter because you can choose to install some skylights or glass walls.

4. Try the Basement

Extending your house from the basement can cater to the space that you need. However, you may encounter problems such as a lack of natural light. You may opt for a glass-wall extension, as mentioned earlier, to address the need for lighting. If not, you can just have a bigger glass window instead of having a whole wall made of glass.

In this case, if the original entrance of the basement was from the outside, you can now have access to it from the inside. However, if you still want to install a door outside, you’ll just have to do it in the extension.

5. Use Different Materials

Nowadays, having a part of the house that negates the overall design is becoming popular. So, if you want to try this fun experience, you can use entirely different materials for your home extensions. Usually, when wood materials are used, they just improve their color so that you can easily notice what it’s made of.

Although it’s different, it’s also another way of giving the property its character. Furthermore, it’ll lessen your tendency to get bored of your regular home design.

6. Make Seamless Adjustments

On the contrary, if you’re already satisfied with the vibe of your home, then you’ll just have to pick the same materials and designs as the main building. Make sure that you’ll hire experts that will follow the structure of your property. You can also consult the team you hired previously because they already know everything well enough.

7. Play with Different Shapes

Want to have a bolder sweet home? Try different shape designs for your home extensions. If your main property was made from rectangles and isosceles triangles, you can add more shapes like circles or other kinds of triangles.

It’s almost the same as when you use different materials but this time it’s all about the main design.

What are your thoughts about extending your two-story home? Do you have any favorites? If you have other ideas that you want to share with us, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Aliana Baraquio
Aliana Baraquio
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