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Worried about your Small Room? Maximize with these 5 Steps!

Not all people have bigger and larger bedrooms. In fact, most of us have smaller rooms and the struggle of tidying up every day and adjusting the space to make it bigger is stressful at some point.

However, we are supportive of doing more with less that is why we are giving you today clever ideas on how to make your bedroom spacious and can store many things even with the limited space you have.

  1. Simple is better

There is no magic in the layout of the small bedroom. Normally, there is a main wall where the bed can be placed. Interior designers recommend placing it mainly in the center of the wall instead of placing it somewhere else because you think it’s more creative. Stick with the rule of placing the bed in the center of the wall.

The simpler layout, the better. By this, you can create spaces on both sides of the bed, which is not only important for the flow of the room but also for providing more space for more objects.

  1. De-clutter

The first step in organizing a small bedroom is to tidy it up. You can clean up all inappropriate things and reduce waste. For memorabilia, it can be stored in one place. For example, you can free up precious space in the small bedroom by storing photo albums and other souvenirs and seasonal items in one storage box.

small bedroom

  1. Create illusion of Space

To make the small bedroom look bigger, empty space is essential to help the room breathe. It also takes up a lot of space because it will not overflow by adding an item. Do not put too many things in your bedroom. Also, lighting makes the room feel big, so it makes a difference in a small room.

Add a variety of lighting equipment throughout the room, including ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Another rule of thumb is that the curtains must be drawn 4-6 inches from the window sill. If you raise the curtain rod, the window will look higher and the room will look bigger than it actually is.

  1. Choose decors and furniture that perform dual duties

Choose furniture that is both for decoration and for storage. If your bedroom does not have space for a closet, then have a large table drawer to store your clothes on. Use also tables that have small lockers in it for you to put your tiny objects there. In this way, it can be used as additional storage.

Of course, a smaller bedroom space means less space for bedside tables and other furniture, but it has not been rationalized, but if possible, try to obtain appropriate storage space.


  1. Organize your clothes well

If you mastered the art of folding your clothes well and organizing them, then you can perfectly create a spacious bedroom. Fold your clothes in tiny folds to maximize the space in your closet or drawers.

Also, arrange them according to their usage. Separate clothes for daily use and winter clothes. This will help you not making a mess.

You need to plan well the layout and design of your bedroom so you won’t regret it in the end. Don’t worry because we’re here to help. Create your own moodboard here!

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