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How to make best choice of Colour for your House

The first impression is the last, and when it comes to home décor, colours always help to make that first impression. But, a good impact can be earned only if you choose the right shade for your abode. Yes, the selection is always tricky, and you go through a mind-boggling procedure to reach to a final choice.

The knowledge of some essential tips can help to make a better decision on what hue you should select for your DEAR home.

Give priority to your choice

It is good to explore the market, but final satisfaction comes when a house reflects the actual nature of its owner. The current trend might be suggestive about the dark colours or quirky hues but if the plain white is something that gives you peace, go for it. If the desire is to show your inner strength, then intense blue is your colour.

  • Stay simple and let the ideas flow out. Sometimes you get confused between multiple options. Give priority to that feel that breeds from your love for your home.
  • Take suggestions but do not let them dominate your choices and thought process on home décor. No choice can be better than your choice.
  • If there is any uncertainty, then choose a neutral colour because they are always safe to play alternatives. Also, they match with all types of interior.

Your instincts can never go wrong; the only need is to trust on them and keep aside all the fears because they create uncertainty.

Take the feel with the testers

Of course, realistic experience is the best thing to do. It reflects the actuality and reveals the ultimate feel that something will deliver. While making choices on tones for the house, use testers and see which shade leaves what impact.

Buy different testers and colour a considerable part of a wall with all the colours and take a step back. Now behold the wall and let your heart decide, what goes perfect for your roof. A perfect mix of rational approach (testers) and subjective approach (heart decides) is sure to give the best conclusion.

Distribute task to choose colours between family members

Oh Yes, this could be a great idea to try for a family. Parents and kids have their separate rooms and also different choices. All can make their decisions and can lessen the burden on any one person in the family. It is a less risky way to get a new look for your place.

What if kids do not like the shade you have picked for them? If there is a teenager, oh! She/he always needs the liberty to decide. The energy in kids always drives their creativity to find something great. Help each other by showing colour options. Discussion is the best tool to exchange ideas and earn mutual consent on everything.

For common areas like the living room, front part, backyard, kitchen etc. prefer the neutral shade over the personal choice. However, it is again the decision of a family. J

Take help from the mobile app technology

Technology always helps in decision-making and pick the best idea. Nowadays, numerous home décor mobile applications help people make easy predictions on the house paint. For sure, you can find one of them useful and workable.

  • Paint my place
  • The Dulux Visualizer App
  • MyRoomPainter etc. are some of the apps that you can choose. But do not restrict the choice and compare the available names.

How mobile apps help make better choices on colours


See the rooms of the house in varied colours (Live) and save pictures
  Multiple colour schemes available to choose from
  Know about international trends through colour picker technology
  Order colour testers for convenient home delivery


The above tips should satisfy you on the basics of making a perfect choice. But some more help is available through more suggestions.

BEST and BAD colours for bedroom

The generalized trend helps take an idea about the good and the bad. The table below is for the same purpose.




1)      Blue  J


1)      Yellow L
2)      Violet J


2)      Orange L
3)      Green J


3)      Red L
4)      Grey J


4)      MagentaL
5)      Brown J


5)      BlackL

Features of the non-toxic paint (after you finally pick a colour)

Health is wealth, and when you get the house painted in your favourite tone, it should not harm with harsh chemicals. Here are the features of the paint that is not a threat to health.

  • Free from heavy metals
  • No plastic
  • Solvent-free
  • Suitable for kids

With non-toxic paint, not only your well-being gets a surety but also the future of nature remains safe. After all, both house and nature should be safe for the next generation.


It is always better to follow the ‘love at first sight’ rule when making a selection of a colour for your ‘home sweet home’.  It is a long-term thing; there is no need to rush. To make the right choice, recall the struggle of how you purchased the home. How the deposit money was arranged, how you made visits to every mortgage broker in the UK for the best deal and whatnot. It will help feel the connection with the house and make an immediate choice.

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