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5 Best Tips on How to Write a Review

More than 82% of customers read reviews before they purchase a product or service. The stats alone is enough to emphasize the importance of reviews writing these days. There are plenty of online feedback sources but reviews seem to the most important of them all.

reviewWriting a review is a skill. Just like any other form of writing, it has its dos and don’ts you should always follow. The primary goal of a review is to judge or evaluate something so that potential customers can easily decide for themselves. It is no less than an art. 

Online reviews are the lifeblood of various business review sites. If you want the master the art of writing reviews, here are 5 best tips on how to write a stellar review.

1. Immerse Yourself Before Writing

Well, you can’t write a great review without immersing yourself in the experience. Be prepared to spend some time with the product or service. Getting the complete experience is rarely possible in one round. 

For example, reading a book once will you a sense of what it is. You will need to read it twice or thrice for more depth of insight. You can notice the small details and think about reviewing it from different angles. The more you know about it the better you can write.

2. Know Your Audience

Getting to know the product or the service is not quite enough. When you are writing the review you must keep in mind your target audience.

 Failing to understand your audience can make your review a useless rant of words. It may seem a bit harsh but you cannot elaborate technical details of a washing machine if all they want to know is its general performance.

 If you are writing for industry specialists, a good review must contain the technical details. If you want to grasp the idea, search for top local directories such as citylocal 101. Read the review written on the website to understand the basics.

3. Support Your Views With Examples And Evidence

It is essential to remember that your opinions are just that “opinions”. If you want them to be credible enough support them with examples and evidence. 

For instance, you are reviewing a restaurant and you simply stating that the experience was bad is not enough. You will need to fill in details about where it went bad. Was it unhygienic? Did they take longer times to prepare the food? Was the food stale? Put in as much evidence as possible. 

If a review site allows you to post a picture, use the opportunity. Such details make your word reliable among customers.

4. Be Concise

No one likes to read a 10,000-word treatise before making a purchase. Think like a prospective customer. Would you like to read a long post? Most of us want a quick and concise answer. Provide your readers with what they want. 

Write a concise review of all the necessary details. Most of the websites limit the number of characters to a certain limit to take control of the review length. Briefly outline what you are reviewing, including the details in the middle, and sum up with a short conclusive statement at the end.

5. Use Score Systems

Online customer reviews can be made more comprehensible using the score systems. You need to fully elaborate on the way these score systems are used to make them reliable. The scores provide a quick insight for the users but they are not enough. Write a concise review with a reliable score system is the recipe for success.

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