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WooCommerce the Online Shop System of the future?

What is WooCommerce?

Anyone who operates a website base on the WordPress content management system and would like to add an online shop to it will inevitably come into contact with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is by far the leading eCommerce shop system for WordPress. The free plugin turns any WordPress website into a full-fledged online shop within a short period of time.

The background of WooCommerce

The rapid rise of WooCommerce began in 2011 when WooThemes, a provider of themes and plugins for WordPress, start developing a shop system plugin. It was created based on the Jigoshop plugin, which was known at the time, and develop into the most successful shop system for WordPress in the year it was launch. Due to the enormous success of, the company was by Automatics, the operator of WordPress.com, in 2015. This had the advantage that WooCommerce is now perfectly integrated into the WordPress software environment. To date, WooCommerce has been install nearly 80 million times. Around 30 percent of all online shops worldwide are now based on it.

General information about WooCommerce

Due to its simplicity, its versatility, and its perfect integration into the WordPress content management system, represents an excellent basis for online shops of all kinds Want to offer internet. In addition, online shops for all types of products can be set up via. The range of shop options ranges from physical products, such as barbecues or sewing machines, and digital products, such as e-books or music, to admission tickets, to external products, such as affiliates from amazon, and protect member areas, for example for online training. Another general strength of WooCommerce is the multitude of complementary free plugins and paid premium plugins. Every online shop base on WooCommerce can be set up and expand. according to the individual needs of the shop operator by adding suitable plugins.

The advantages of WooCommerce:


WooCommerce owes its great success to the following advantages:

  • WooCommerce is free and thus also an ideal software solution for operators of small online shops. Also, the premium plugins and themes offer are usually quite inexpensive for small businesses.
  • It is scalable and suitable for any size of online shop. The limits of scalability are usually not set by the plugin itself, but by the capacities of the servers on which the shop is operating.
  • It is a powerful system. Webshop operators can use it to sell an unlimited number of products, display them with as many photos as desire, filter their products according to categories and attributes, integrate product ratings and customer reviews, and much more.


  • It is very easy to use. The plug-in can be set up using the easy-to-use installation wizard. Shop operators usually do not need any knowledge of HTML or CSS.
  • It is integrated into the WordPress software universe, and thus enables the combination of an online shop. The system with a powerful content management system.
  • It is easy to use. Since the backend of the plugin is very like that of WordPress, the users of WooCommerce do not have to adapt to a new software environment.
  • An incredible variety of free and paid plugins and themes are offered for it. Free plugins and themes can be found in the official WordPress directory. There are chargeable extensions, for example, on the Codecanyon and Themeforest websites.
  • Due to its size and importance for WordPress, the ongoing development and improvement of WooCommerce is a guarantee. Shop operators do not have to worry that they are relying on outdated software that will no longer be available in a few years.
  • There is a huge, international community around WooCommerce, its functions, and possible uses, with which every shop operator can exchange ideas. Almost every WooCommerce-related topic discusses both in the WordPress support forum and in various Facebook groups.

The Disadvantages of WooCommerce

No advantage without a disadvantage. Anyone who opts for WooCommerce as their online shop system should be aware of the following disadvantages.
  • WooCommerce is not made in Germany. The plugin was developed in the USA and is, therefore, gear towards the US eCommerce market. Shop operators from Germany who want to sell their products in the German or European market, therefore, need the free WordPress plugin Germanize or the premium plugin German Market to make their shop legally secure in Germany and Europe. The two plugins add a whole range of important functions to the shop, some of which differ significantly between Germany and the USA. This includes, among other things, invoice samples, delivery notes, the output of VAT in the right places, and the calculation of the price per unit.
  • Another consequence of the optimization of WooCommerce for the American market is lacking German legal texts, such as the terms and conditions, the data protection declaration, the revocation regulations, and the shipping regulations. The plugins mention in the previous point provides a remedy in this regard. Also, shop operators can get information from providers of legal texts such as Händlerbund, an IT law firm, or protect shops.
  • The number of online shops operates with WooCommerce is steadily increasing in Germany. Compare to the USA, but, the German WooCommerce community is still relatively manageable. As a result, German shop operators may not be able to find answers and help to certain questions and problems in the community forums. Good contact points for the German community are the German. WooCommerce Facebook group and the WooCommerce forum on WordPressde.org.

Conclusion: Who is WooCommerce the right system for?

The question of whether WooCommerce is the best eCommerce system for them is likely to be answered by most prospective or already active shop owners with a yes. The versatility of the system, its excellent scalability, and ease of use make it the system of choice for most webshop operators. Especially those who already have previous knowledge of WordPress will find their way around the WooCommerce user interface in a very short time. The question of the price will also play a decisive role, especially for smaller webshops. Because it is a free plugin and premium extensions usually only cost a little, it is particularly popular with small businesses. Larger webshops should compare WooCommerce with other specialized software solutions for webshops. As a rule, questions of complexity, expandability, and integration with other software systems will be in the foreground for them.
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