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How to Get General Contractor Leads in 2020?

If you are a general contractor and are looking for different ways to generate more general contractor leads for your business, you need to keep reading this article until the end.

We all know that house construction projects are somewhat time-consuming and a lot complicated. Contractors who have years of hands-on experience and are highly knowledgeable with good reviews are often preferred by people.

How People find Professional General Contractor?

People search online for the top construction contractor near you, or like local flooring companies in Manassas, they see that a lot of people are claiming on the internet to be the best bet. However, they’ll look for different factors to select one, and we have to work on that like cost, response time, customer services and more.

Below are some points or tips people usually follow to hire a contractor.

A Phone Interview

They gather a list of potential general contractors from directory sites like HighFive Listings, HomeAdvisor, etc. and make a quick call to each of them. And may ask you questions like,

  1. Will you be able to handle the project of your size?
  2. Will you be able to provide a list of references?
  3. How many subcontractors will be working?
  4. And how long have you been in this niche?

Questions like these will be enough to get a rough idea of the reputation of your company, so prepare them.

They May Want To Meet You Face To Face

Now based on the interview, they may need to get connected with three or more contractual worker and further discuss the project. If they get satisfactory answers from either one of them, they should consider hiring you for the job.


One of the most imperative factors that consumers consider when it comes to hiring a general contractor is getting estimates. They may not rely on verbal estimates, try to give them written estimates. This is because people are smart and may have been exploited by companies with sky-high rates after the project is completed.

Payment Schedule

Your consumers may demand the payment schedule ahead of time. A good practice is to ask 10% of the overall cost when they sign the contract, 25% evenly spaced out over the whole duration of the project, and lastly 15% when the project is completed.

Keep in mind! People don’t trust and hire a general contractor who forces to pay full payment upfront.

Price Guide

People are smart now – most people are not guided by price. They know that it is not necessarily that high-priced general contractor will be able to provide top of the line services or a low priced project will not be don’t up to the mark? So decide prices that are reasonable and provide you a competitive edge.

How To Gain The Attention Of Customers?

Now that you’ve learned how people find contractors. It is time for you to know some marketing ways so that you will be able to generate general contractor leads for your business brand.

Below are some of the top tips from experts who’ve managed to compile a list of tried and tested contractor lead services for small and medium-scaled ventures. Read on until the end to get the most out of it.

1.    Build A Business Brand

Always remember that your business brand will gain the attention of more customers if you manage to build a brand. Yes, a brand is what sets you apart from your competitors while making your business more credible. So, make a brand of your company and get ready to reap the benefits of general contractor leads.

2.    Make A Professional Website

Highly suggested – Develop a website! It should not only be attractive but also capable of improving user experience. To be honest, a well-structured website will be able to easily get you general contractor leads.

Just don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile end-users as well.

3.    List Your Company On Business Directories

Local business listings such as HomeAdvisor, Yelp,  HighFive Listings etc. are considered to be one of the best platforms to showcase your business brand. All you need to do is upload some basic business information, make a business profile, and get instant peace of mind.

4.    Local SEO

Along with listings your website on a renowned business directory, you should also opt for SEO tactics. The SEO is what aids your business website to appear on the SERP. The higher you rank on the search engines, the more are your chances of getting business.

There is no doubt that SEO is one of the top general contractor leads services.

5.    Pay-Per-Click

If you own a small or a medium-scaled business, you’d know that showing up on the SERP is important. It is the driving factor of getting more and more customers. However, the paid ads will also help you in reaching on the top of the search engine pages.

6.    Social Media 

Show your customers the more personal side by making profiles on renowned social media platform. You need to stay active on the social media profiles and also try to answer all the queries of the audience in the best possible way.

After getting leads, converting them is essential. Check out the blog on this website that mentions telemarketing software to make conversions.

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