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How Can Call Center Improve Productivity?

An outbound call center is basically a central office utilize for transmitting or receiving a high number of telephone inquiries. An outbound call center is generally operated by an organization to administer or receive advice or product/service queries from customers. Call centers provide services in the areas of sales, customer support and research, and advertising. In other words, outbound call centers deal with receiving telephone calls and passing on the messages to the relevant customer or client.

This process has made call centers a significant part of business organizations and is widely recognized for their great contribution to the growth and development of the company. With the passage of time, the scope of activities performed by call agents has also widened. It has now become a norm to have sales representatives in every office, regardless of location. With the growth of organizations, the number of sales representatives also increased manifold, making it difficult for the existing agents to handle the calls generated by the newer employees.


To streamline the process and thereby, increase the productivity of agents, companies adopt few best practices. These practices include setting up an automated system that automatically places the call to a specified number. Moreover, companies also adopt the latest technologies that include the use of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, the use of mobile devices including Blackberry and Android, the use of webcam and tablets, and the use of email marketing tools like sending out newsletters to the interested parties.

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Types of Calls

Companies need to keep in mind that there are two types of calls: inbound and outbound calls. The first category consists of sales calls where agents simply sell products and services. The second category consists of inquiries or questions. The latter category is less common. Therefore, to be able to achieve success, companies need to ensure that they maintain separate departments for inbound and outbound calls.

One of the ways through which agents reach potential customers is by sending newsletters. This enables potential customers to keep up-to-date about a company’s products and services. A company also uses Outbound Call Center to place advertisements on social media platforms. Therefore, to ensure profitability, companies need to create separate departments for both outgoing calls and incoming calls.

Creation of Lists

One of the best practices followed by an inbound call center is the creation of multiple lists. The lists should contain names and phone numbers of potential customers and should also include relevant information regarding rates, hours of operation, and product variety. The outbound call center apis maintains regular follow-ups with customers to ensure that they are happy with the services provided by the company.

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Another practice that has been adopted by many companies is the creation of social media profiles. This practice helps the agents and managers create a strong online presence and brand awareness. Incoming calls are recorded by using web-based speech analytics tools such as Twtracker and Hotlines; the information gathered from these tools is then used by the agents to enhance their services and respond to customer queries. For instance, if there are problems arising with particular products. The agents can make relevant comments using Twitter and Facebook to attract more customers.


The above mentioned are just a few techniques that help an inbound call center to improve its overall efficiency. The biggest challenge that organizations face today is improving their productivity. Many companies have failed to achieve this due to a number of reasons. However, with the advent of the internet and social media. Customer service has become much easier and agents are no longer require to work individually. Therefore, to ensure better efficiency, most companies are investing in professional Outbound Call Center agents who are skilled professionals who can work effectively towards developing the organization’s productivity.

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