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Why Do People Fall Prey to Depression

Depression is a mental illness that is curable. It is normal to feel depressed, and we are stating it at the start of the blog because most people think it is something out of this world and they can never cope with it. However, in this write-up, we will be focusing on why people feel depressed.

There are different reasons for feeling depressed. It is not a straight road to walk on. Different people are triggered by different things. However, we can say that factors like biology, genes, brain chemistry, and hormones are the most prominent ones when we talk about depression. The environment along with daylight, seasons, and our social and family problems, can also play a vital role in making us feel depressed.

If we talk specifically about students, we will see one major reason behind why they feel depressed, i.e. the academic burnout. Not everyone can handle the pressure exerted by professors at universities. Therefore, most of the students look for dissertation writing services online and it really works out for them. The academic aid from experts keeps their mental health on track.

Role of Genes in Making People Depressed

Yeah! Genes also play an important role in making people feel depressed. Sometimes it is total inheritance, as science backs the fact that depression runs in families. But other times, the story is totally different. If no one in your family has ever felt depressed, it does not make you immune to this mental disease. There are many people who have no family history of depression but they still feel depressed.  Hence, genes are an important but not the only reason for depression.

Brain Chemistry behind Depression

We have some chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. These cells communicate messages between nerve cells and regulate the mood of the human body. dissertation writing services People often feel depressed when neurotransmitters are in low supply or fail to affect at a standard rate.

If we look deeply, both these factors, genes and brain chemistry, are interrelated. Let us clarify, if a person has the genes of depression, there are more chances that he will have the neurotransmitter problem, which might lead to depression.

Role of Stress, Hormones, and Health

Your brain’s delicate chemistry can get adversely affected by little things like stress, hormone changes, and consumption of excessive drugs or alcohol. In often cases, health conditions also cause depression-like symptoms. dissertation writing help There is a condition called hypothyroidism which causes depression in some people. Mononucleosis disease can drain the energy of a person. But when health conditions are diagnosed and treated by a professional doctor, the symptoms predicting depression usually disappear.

You should get enough sleep and regular exercise and it will leave a positive effect on neurotransmitter activity and mood.

Role of Life Events in Making People Depressed

The most common reason why people fall prey to depression is a traumatic life experience that shakes them to the core. When some you loved more than your life, whether it is a family member, pet, or a friend, you just cannot stand losing them. Their loss usually goes far beyond normal grief and leads you to the dark streets of depression.

However, difficult situations are a part of life and if you are good at coping with them, you might dodge these dark days of depression. But if you fail to do so, don’t panic and never think that it is the end of this world. You must try to hang in and try to move with the flow. Things will surely get back to normal with time.

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