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Impact of Nutrition on teenager’s with Autism

As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, we can define nutrition as a process of obtaining food that is necessary for health and growth. Every individual has different requirements and different needs for proper growth and development. In simple terms, how we all are different and our needs differ too in the same way our body differs too.

We have to understand we all have our separate capacity and we have to identify it. Children who are born with special conditions like Autism need proper planning and dedication for what they eat for their proper growth and development.

Well, some of you are unaware of what autism is! Well, it is answered by the best nutritionist in Bangalore, it’s a disorder of variable severity which is characterized as there is a difficulty in interaction and communication and issues to get social and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior or we can say developmental disorder. It might start appearing in children before the age of three years.

Children who have autism have different development. But, children with Autism are completely different as they develop at different rates in different areas of growth and due to this, they might have large delays in expressing, language, social, and cognitive skills, while their motor skills might be about the same as other children their age as it can be easily seen. These children might be very good at things like solving quizzes and puzzles but not very good at doing things like going out or making friends or talking or communicating with people.

There can also be a situation where they can do the hard things more easily like read a whole paragraph but won’t be able to pronounce simple alphabet. It might also happen that they learn something new and the next day they completely forget about it.

These children are usually very fussy when comes to eating and avoids food and many have sensitivities. All of this worries the parents and they also end up giving whatever the child demands without understanding the nutrition need.

These lead to inadequate nutrition and deficiency of nutrients in the body. This children needs are different and have to be planned carefully so that it helps in improving their symptoms and lead them to a better life.

The best nutritionist in Bangalore knows parents are really aware and do a lot of reading and mostly they know that going casein-free or gluten-free will help their child but then when we eliminate this from a Childs meal there is an increasing challenge of ensuring adequate nutrition and when all of this happens nutrition is being of the kind of ignored and not looked after.

Nutrition or we can say nutrients will help a child to boost his brain development, develop his gut, and make his immunity stronger. It requires a lot of planning so that each and every nutrient that is required by the child is there in the form of food or supplements.

There are different multivitamins that may help in improving the sleep quality and digestive problems of the child. Usually, an autistic kid is seen to have a lower iron level this is usually because they are very choosy and have a small appetite.

It is also important to have vitamins B6 and magnesium because it helps in improving behavior control sugar cravings and keep the gut stronger.

Many children are very sensitive and allergic to foods and when they consume it, it reaches the brain via the bloodstream because of faulty digestion and absorption and slows the body

Therefore, as per best nutritionist in Mumbai, it is very important to decide what food is best for the child which nutrient is best needed and in what quantity and to select such foods which not only fill their stomach but also give them the adequate balance of nutrients and help improve their symptoms.

So, it is advisable to get proper counseling done for such children so that a proper understanding of their symptoms, there likes and dislikes are known and appropriately the diet is balanced with the proper nutrition required by the child.

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