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Improve your life span by building these 7 habits

Everyone wants to live long in this beautiful world. No one wants to die at a young age. Therefore, Doctors in Karachi presented the formula of living a longer life. This formula is actually a set of 7 habits that every person should adopt to increase their life span. Before we start first ask yourself this question. Are you willing to develop new habits and get rid of old ones to live longer? If yes then this one is specially for you. Let’s dive into the details of these 7 habits to increase your life span.

  • Eat Organic healthy food:

To increase your life span first you have to give up your bad eating habits. If you are consuming oily and junk food then replaces it with the healthy ones. Start eating organic fruits and vegetables as according to the research they will improve your health and lower the risk of two common deadly diseases i.e. cancer and heart attack.  

  • Do Exercise:

Exercise is the best way to keep your body active and to make your muscles stronger. Daily exercise prevents chronic diseases, boost your energy, and also increases the memory and brain health. 15 minutes of exercise daily can increase the life span from 2 to 3 years. So to increase your lifespan get out of your comfort zone and start exercising at least 15 minutes daily.

  • Avoid Overeating:

Overeating is a bad habit and it only gives you obesity which in results becomes the main reason for heart and blood-related disease. Reduction in calories increases the lifespan is studied by many researchers but yet more research work is needed in this aspect. To avoid overeating make your diet plan and act accordingly.

  • Avoid Smoking and Alcohol:

If you want to live longer stop smoking and consuming alcohol. Smoking increases the chances of death. It is also evident that those who smoke live 10 years less than those who don’t.  Alcohol consumption is also detrimental to your health and life span. It increases the diseases related to the liver, heart, and pancreatic. So, for living longer you have to avoid alcohol and smoking.

  • Stay Happy:

No doubt happy people live longer. According to a study, happy people live 18% longer than those who are not happy. So next time when you feel sad make sure to choose happiness over sadness. The best way to be happier is to avoid holding grudges.

  • Don’t Stress Out:

Don’t take unnecessary tension and stress. Otherwise, you will become older in no time. Keep meditating for stress management and talk to the specialist whenever you feel stress, anxiety, or depression. To avoid stress stay optimistic as pessimists have a 42% higher risk of early death.

  • Maintain Social Circle:

A good social circle is beneficial for reducing stress and increasing your life span. Because it has all the benefits that are required for living a happy life. If you have a bad social circle then definitely it will have a bad effect on your life. Because such circles only gave you anxiety and depression.

One of the studies showed that people with a good social circle live 50% longer. So in case you are having a bad social circle, it’s time to take tough decisions and to change your circle for better life span.

These are the 7 habits for improving your life span. No doubt to achieve something extraordinary you have to give up some bad stuff. Therefore to increase your life span you have to give up bad eating habits, alcohol, smoking, jealousy, and grudges.

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