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These Might be the Reasons for the Discolouration or Staining of Your Teeth

Our teeth are our dearest and perhaps most precious ornaments. Purchase the right lip shade or wear an elegant dress, nothing will make people skip a beat other than your pearly whites. And oh! If you have stains on your teeth, then be ready for some embarrassment. Well, it is as hard as it sounds to be surrounded by people with a beautiful grin while you have stained or discolored teeth. Keeping the aesthetic demand aside, white teeth are also crucial from health perspectives too. However, the fast-paced life has made it difficult to care for the teeth or even notice them getting discolored day by day. That’s when you need an excellent mobile teeth whitening service by Hollywood Whitening Australia.

Well, while it is important to get teeth whitened, it is also important to know the reason for their discoloration. The piece of content you are reading right now will probably be the most eye-opening information you will get to know today. Grab a mug of coffee and read on.

What Does Tooth Discoloration Mean?

Tooth discoloration simply means the change of color of your teeth over time. Recall the time when you were a kid. Your teeth were sparkling white and you never felt ashamed of showing all of them in a wide smile. However, as you grew up older, your teeth color started to change, from being sparkling white to being off-white to getting pale. In some cases, teeth color might also darken or get white spots in several areas. However, the change in color of your teeth might be caused by several reasons. All these reasons can be broadly categorized into three categories; Extrinsic, Intrinsic, and Age-related.

Extrinsic reasons for teeth discoloration are the ones that involve some things to get in direct contact with your teeth.

Intrinsic reasons cause teeth discoloration due to something inside the teeth.

Finally, there are some age-related reasons. As you age, there is a strong tendency for your teeth to get discolored. Why worry when you have the most trusted teeth whitening services in Australia Hollywood Whitening Australia? Yes, Hollywood Whitening Australia is one of the most preferred teeth whitening service providers in Australia.

Reasons For Your Teeth To Get Discolored

Well, there are multiple causes that may be making your teeth change their color. Watching your teeth getting discolored over time hurts your sentiments and drops down your confidence level. That’s when you need to know the reasons behind teeth discoloration so that you can save your pearly whites before it’s late. However, even if you are on the other side of prevention right now, Hollywood Whitening Australia is your ray of hope. For the busy bees out there, Hollywood Whitening Australia comes with its highly preferred mobile teeth whitening service. This excellent service helps you get those sparkling pearly whites in the comfort of your house. Know the reasons for your pale teeth and make them shine white and bright with Hollywood Whitening Australia.

Wrong Food Choices

Some food habits affect your teeth too. Yes, overconsumption of food items like certain vegetables like potatoes, fruits like apples, and beverages like tea, coffee, and wines can make your teeth lose their white shine or add a colored coating over your teeth. Moreover, consumption of tobacco has an adverse effect on the teeth’ color, apart from affecting your general health.

Improper Oral Hygiene

Hygiene is of utmost importance when we talk about teeth health and colour. When you forget to brush your teeth at night, or you do not brush your teeth the right way, you actually take a step forward towards pale yellow teeth. Moreover, when you forget to floss your teeth, or do not rinse after meals, you simply commit practices that can make your teeth discolored.


Yes, certain ailments affect the enamel and dentin, thereby making them discolored. Sometimes, the treatment of certain ailments also causes discoloration of teeth.


Aging is a common cause of teeth discoloration. Just as you grow in age, the enamel (outer layer of the teeth) wears away. This reveals the dentin’s natural color.

Well, all of these reasons and more can contribute to teeth discoloration. Therefore, it is crucial to practice good oral hygiene, say a clear no to food items that lead to teeth discoloration, and visit Hollywood Whitening Australia today to get your pearly whites back! Too lazy or busy to make a visit? Book a mobile teeth whitening service by Hollywood Whitening Australia and get sparkling white teeth in the comfort of your house!

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