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Now Get Cosmetic Dental Services and Root Canal Treatment at Smile and Shine

Someone has said that someone’s smile makes the day beautiful, well carrying a charming and beautiful smile always gives the glimpse of a happy and positive person. Smile and Shine is a dental practice with Dr. Sidhu, who works passionately in their profession and has made thousands of people’s lives worth a smile, now people who had visited Dr. Sidhu in the past now feel confident and positive because of their happy smile. They offer a wide range of services such as cleaning, comprehensive exams, root canal therapy, extraction, orthodontics for kids, and other wide range of cosmetic dental services such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers, and white filling.

Dare to Smile With Cosmetic Dental Services

At Smile and Shine with Dr. Sidhu dental practice, where teeth whitening is the most preferred cosmetic dental treatment. It’s a very heartfelt treatment for those who can’t smile with confidence. This treatment gives a boost of confidence in the life of people, it’s very quick and inexpensive treatment, many people prefer this because it makes them smile more youthful, well it fixes yellow paled tooth and spotted tooths. Teeth whitening reimposed the dull and tedious smile, rejuvenate the face with a whole new look. There are two teeth whitening treatments. First is in-home teeth whitening treatment and the second one is in-office teeth whitening treatment. The process of this treatment is they apply the correct amount of whitening gel to get the vibrant effect.

Veneer Know the Worth of Smile

Now comes on the dental veneer treatment is a part of cosmetic dental treatment. Veneers are specially made to hide those not so perfect looking teeth which cover up the tooth surface. Veneers only cover those sides which are clearly visible on the tooth, also known as the labial facial surface. For instance ripped teeth, crooked teeth.

Aligners Don’t Fall to Show Up

Now comes on the invisible aligners, their method of work is to straight the zig-zag shaped textured teeth. Invisalign aligners are invisible, which does not feel like braces, and also does not harm your beautiful smile. Its invisible look always stands out to be the best and also makes your teeth more correctly formed. It is very lightweight, does not jam, and irritates your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment Process

In Smile and Shine which is in Roseville is well known for the most painful treatment, known as “Root canal treatment”, mostly people visit there for the root canal treatment. This treatment has common symptoms such as darkened teeth, pimple on gums, swollen gums, pressure sensitivity, and consistent heavy pain in the tooth. The pain even exceeds its limit at one point in time where eating food becomes difficult and painful. Such pains make an individual helpless and force them to test themselves. This is caused by eating junk food and for not cleaning teeth timely, where a piece of food gets stuck in teeth and stays there for a long time. This causes cavities which might later call out for the root canal treatment.

Once you get treated, you can’t eat or drink for 2-3 hours. After that chewing would be very painful and the pain may stay for a couple of days, the doctor will provide the antibiotics which needs to be taken for 2-3 days. Don’t try to eat hard food, in fact, choose soft chewable food which gets swollen easily. Try to eat from the opposite side of the mouth then it would be less painful.

If in case root canal treatment gets worse than there are serious chances to lose the teeth but majorly doctors try to use dental crowns just to protect the damaged teeth from more damage. The crown gets fixed for years until you eat something hard.

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