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Composite Veneers Near Me – Should You Get Them?

A beautiful smile can have an impact on more than just your confidence and self-esteem; it can also increase your opportunities in the world of business. But what if you’re missing one or two teeth in the front of your mouth? You may want to consider composite veneers near me to get the smile you’ve always wanted! Here’s everything you need to know about these cosmetic dental procedures…

Why Choose Composite Veneers?

Before you decide to get composite veneers, there are a few things you should know. First, most people agree that all-porcelain veneers are stronger and longer lasting than their composite counterparts. All-porcelain veneers typically last 10+ years while composites generally only last 3–5 years, depending on your habits and lifestyle. That’s not to say that composites don’t have a place in cosmetic dentistry. Composite veneers are good for people who need minor dental work or for covering up uneven teeth—things like a slightly crooked tooth or smile line gaps caused by receding gums.

Where to get Composite Veneers Near me

Composite veneers aren’t typically covered by dental insurance and can get expensive, so it’s smart to do your research before deciding if they are right for you. To find out more, read our review of composite veneers near me, and then schedule a consultation at your dentist’s office. It’s worth asking questions in person because you may have other concerns as well. For example, what if you don’t like how they look after a while or end up having issues with tooth sensitivity? Will your dentist charge you for changes down the road? And does he or she specialize in composite veneer procedures? When it comes to getting any cosmetic procedure done, knowing that you’re working with an expert is a big plus. With dentistry, especially, it pays to know what you’re doing—and that your dentist knows what he or she is doing too.

If your current teeth are damaged beyond repair due to disease (like gum disease) and/or injury (like grinding), composite veneers might be just right for you. They also make a great option when: Your teeth have gaps between them Your teeth have unsightly stains on them Your smile isn’t symmetrical Your bite doesn’t align properly (malocclusion) Some people choose not to get their entire mouth made over with veneers; instead, they opt for just one front tooth cavity filling called a bonded porcelain laminate.

What To Expect When Getting Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are extremely durable, long-lasting, and can help to transform your smile. In fact, depending on how they’re cared for, they could last upwards of 10 years. The key is making sure you take proper care of them from day one. Things like avoiding grinding or clenching your teeth will go a long way towards extending their longevity; not doing so could damage them in as little as a year! If you’re considering composite veneers in Orland Park, IL—contact us today for more information about what to expect when getting composite veneers near me. We look forward to helping you achieve that new smile!

Before and After Care Tips

Once you have your veneers, you should follow a few simple guidelines to ensure they last. As with any dental work, avoid eating foods that are too hard or acidic (such as apples and other fruits) to prevent tooth fractures. It’s also important to floss every day. Otherwise, if food gets stuck between your teeth and gums, it can lead to serious gum infections and periodontal disease. If you experience any unusual pain or difficulty chewing after getting your veneers put in, be sure to see your dentist immediately; though rare, a misalignment could cause trouble down the road. And don’t forget about those regular dental checkups!

Laticia Gibson
Laticia Gibson
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