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What Is The Best Form Of Zinc To Take As A Supplement?

Zinc is an essential mineral, which means that our body cannot produce it. And we are required to consume it from different sources like food and supplements. Zinc is called an essential trace mineral because a very little amount of it is necessary for human health. Zinc plays a pivotal role in cell division, cell growth, and development, wound healing, and thyroid function. Though you can get zinc through your diet, many people opt for faster gains. Therefore, they choose supplements, which they can have anytime and anywhere. 

The many forms of supplements in the market, are confusing as to which one you must choose and why. You may find the best zinc supplements but would barely know which one of those is the best form to take zinc supplements. Let’s sort out this confusion in this article. 

Forms Of Zinc Supplements: 

There are three forms of zinc supplements: 

1- Pills/Capsules: 

Pills and capsules are the most reliable and fast-delivery systems of medication. Pills are trusted and prescribed by pharmaceutical experts, which are considered the best mode of consuming a medication. Clinical studies show that these provide more active ingredients than the other forms. They have a little number of excipients, which are dilutants and do not aid a nutritional purpose. Also, pills and capsules are portable and do not need any precautions to prevent them from expiring. They also have a longer life span than any other form.  


  • They are beneficial for improving the overall well-being and health of the body. 
  • They are rich inactive ingredients.
  • They have a few excipients
  • Capsules conceal the bad taste of pills. 
  • They have a long shelf-life. 


  • Some people have a problem swallowing pills. 
  • Do not provide enough dose when a large number of active ingredients are required. 
  • Therefore, zinc supplements in the form of pills are some of the best forms of supplements because they have a fast delivery system. 

2- Cough Drops and Lozenges:

Another form of Zinc supplement is cough drops and Lozenges. They are one of the great doses for throat and sinuses. For cough drops, since they are already mixed, they have a short shelf life. Also, they need refrigeration to prevent them from expiring. These may include more excipients than pills and capsules. Although lozenges are sublingual pills, they deliver their nutrients to the mouth and throat.  


  • They are the best supplements for cold recovery.
  • Can provide a large number of active ingredients. 
  • Lozenges have a long shelf-life. 
  • Lozenges are portable. 


  • Cough syrups have a shorter shelf life than pills. 
  • They have more excipients.
  • Cough syrups are difficult to transport. 

3- Creams/ointments: 

Creams and ointments are for external use. Zinc supplements in the form of creams and ointments have an acne-busting potential. So they are applied to the body for delivering a dose of zinc through the skin. They are easy to carry and have a long shelf-life with preservation. They may rich in excipients like paraffin, beeswax, macrogols, and vegetable oil. 


  • They are the best supplements to aid skin problems and improving overall skin health. 
  • They are easy to carry and are portable. 
  • Have a long shelf life. 


  • They may have more excipients than active ingredients. 
  • Need preservation to achieve a long shelf life. 

Which Form Of Supplement Is Best? 

It is inappropriate to define one form of a supplement as the best because each of them has distinct benefits and drawbacks. Also, the number of active ingredients you require and your preferences also determine the form you choose. 


  • Take Zinc pills to achieve overall good health. 
  • Take Zinc lozenges and cough drops to aid a cold. 
  • Apply Zinc creams and ointments to improve skin health.  
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