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Virtual Bank Account Opening

We all have been severely affected by the pandemic and for a particular period everything has come to a halt but we all need to handle the opening of bank account situation wisely. Gradually, a solution to every problem is available in all the sectors which helped the workforce to continue with their work consistently so that the economy of the nation may not suffer.

The present scenario has made all of us more techs savvy and wise in handling the technology efficiently. The online classes, webinars, and live virtual meetings, online verification are to keep going and working to bring everything to a state of normalcy. Similarly, the banks have come up with an option of opening an account online and verifying your identity virtually so that no work should come to a halt.

Opening a Bank Account

HeySara also assists you in giving detailed information about processing for the bank account. It makes your task easier as sitting in your own country you can accomplish the task of certifying your company and opening a corporate bank account to continue its deals. The online application saves time and money. It is not significant for an applicant to give physical presence in the Singapore corporate bank to open an account. The online corporate bank account application available for foreigners who are in remote areas and cannot come due for any reason.

Bank Account Opening Procedure

The applicant has to submit all the mandatory documents on the website of the bank. Later, the bank officials will contact you for the final verification and may ask you to visit the bank for a face-to-face meeting. Due to the precaution taken during covid 19, some of the banks have eliminated the procedure of physical verification. Through video conferencing, the applicants meet the higher authorities and the final procedure of opening a corporate bank account is executed. The different banks charge differently for the services and the charges for checkbook, ATM, messages, Email is also applicable which can be paid online.

The steps to apply for the bank account online are:

  • Select the appropriate bank for you
  • Click on its website
  • Download the application form
  • Fill the form duly and insert your photographs and documents carefully
  • Complete all the details and fill it incorrectly
  • Check it twice before submitting

What Happens Next?

The application form submits online should be filled flawlessly. If there is any discrepancy in your form, it will be dealt with seriously. The application form will be rejected completely. All your work will come to a halt.

HeySara will guide you and help you to achieve what you expect. The task becomes easier if the supporting hand stays with you until the smooth processing of the company initiates. In fact, we keep updating you if there’s any change or transformation in the company laws.

It is difficult for a foreigner to collect the relevant information related to its business. We understand what is relevant for you. We work as per rules and regulations so that you may not come in trouble. So that your dream to establish a business on the land of Singapore becomes true.

Kal.L is a business and marketing specialist in the business field. With years of experience, she writes to share knowledge and updates to the public.


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