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Searching for Turbotax Alternative? Here’s Your Answer

Those who are familiar with tax software, Turbotax is not something new for them. It is one of the pioneers of tax software. Starting back in the 1980s, Turbotax emerged as one of the most popular software for everyone. It was really popular because along with easing up the tax filing process for its customers, it also offered the most advanced features back then. Therefore, Turbotax really grew up to be everyone’s favorite tax software. Moreover, all of those features were available for free.

However, with the march of technology, a new generation of computers along with software was launched that overtook the old-world software and tools. Therefore, a bunch of new tax software emerged that began to set their bars high against the already established Turbotax. Besides, with the price being reasonable, more and more people began to get attracted to these new ranges of software that were launched new in the market. Also, You’re confused about DSLRs? Check out the Best DSLR camera for beginners.

Turbotax was one of the first software tax software to be discovered that served as a boon to everyone before the arrival of any other software. Also, it is one of the most trusted till now. However, nowadays people don’t stick to Turbotax any more due to all the facilities that this new software offers and at alarmingly low prices. Therefore, this software are serving as wonderful alternatives to Turbotax.

If you are wondering about the tax software that you can look up to in the present, then here are the best Turbotax alternatives you can get in the market.

H&R Block


H&R Block is a popular name among the world of tax filers. It is one of the most effective tax software available on the market now. With H&R Block you will have access to a free package for the basic returns. This is quite similar to Turbotax. You can even file some additional forms and schedules, with the help of these free plans. Besides, with H&R Block one can file even more schedules and forms than you can if you avail Turbotax. Additionally, you can also file numerous state returns with H&R Block’s free plan for free. This is in sharp contrast to what you will get with Turbotax.

Tax Acttax act

Like Turbotax, you will also get a really good free plan with TaxAct. This software has also grown to be one of the most popular and effective tax software that you can have today. With TaxAct you don’t have to worry about spending anything for filing federal and state returns if you want a single state return. Also, both TaxAct and Turbotax boast of decent premium packages as well for their clients and customers to help them in crucial junctures. Their high-end plans are focused on fulfilling the tax filing needs of all the investors. However, Turbotax still happens to be one of the most user-friendly software with envious customer support.

Tax Slayer

Tax Slayer

TaxSlayer also stands as a promising TurboTax alternative in the market of the present. Though it offers lesser packages than Turbotax, the Classic and Premium packages from TaxSlayer are among the most popular ones. Also, you can opt for a self-employed package. With this, you can access some special features in case you are facing difficulties in detecting whether you can or cannot deduct. Additionally, it is also helpful for the small business owners, assisting their tiniest of problems. Using the Ultimate package from TaxSlayer, you can enjoy premium audit defence, identity theft protection services, unlimited phone, and email and chat support.

All the three software – H&R Block, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer are wonderful with their own set of facilities and extend the utmost help and support for their customers. But it is always advisable for you to go through the user manual and lessons to use them in a way that will benefit you!

If you are in a fix deciding on which tax software to go with to dissolve your tax filing issues, then this new tax software would definitely help you do so! However, you should map your requirements and choose your software accordingly. Best of luck!

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