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Why and How to Invest in Gold in Australia?

Rowan Relton is an Australian who has more than a decade of experience as an international commodity trader. He has traded in Gold and other valuable commodities.

“Gold is an extremely valuable commodity that appreciates over time,” explains Rowan Relton. You can never go wrong with real gold.

Even if the stock market goes down, the price of gold increases in retrospect. Therefore, it is to make some investment in gold.

Why should you invest in Gold?

Gold is an exquisite and rare commodity with a distinct luster and durability. In the olden days, gold and silver were used to make coins as a medium of exchange. Gold does not erode due to its ability not to be easily affected when mixed with other substances. You can store gold for an extended period and it won’t corrode, or reduce in length. It is another means of saving money and reliable investment.

Gold is used even in the 21st Century and its value has not decreased and is used to diversify because its value doesn’t fluctuate nor volatile.

How to Invest in Gold in Australia?

There are three ways of investing in gold in Australia. They are:

  • Invest in gold mining firms.
  • Purchase the real gold.
  • Invest in gold stocks.

Invest in Gold Mining Firms

Esquire Commodities can source reputable miners or mining firms for you. They help you make the best and most profitable investment. They help their clients navigate the stock market, Rowan Relton says.

Gold stock market investment is quite common in the finance world. You don’t need to buy, store and insure the gold. Ownership of gold is done virtually, that is, you didn’t buy the actual gold.

Due to this, it comes with risks unlike purchasing the actual gold. The stock market is not stable, so any commodity being traded on the stock market is unstable. It doesn’t matter whether it is gold, a stable commodity itself. Be careful when you invest in a gold mining firm. If the firm is not financially buoyant, it may go bankrupt. You may lose your money and the commodity.

To prevent this, buy lots of EFT gold. EFT tracks the volatility of the gold market.

Purchase Real Gold

You can purchase the actual gold with the help of Esquire Commodities Pty Limited. It comes with lots of risks though. After purchasing, you need to keep it safe and insure it.

Invest in Gold Stocks

Esquire Commodities Pty Limited is a well-known brokerage company that helps clients buy and sell gold. They have a website that allows users to trade gold in stocks. The website is easy to navigate, has a CFD trading alternative for users. If you are new to gold trading, their website is simplified for laymen to understand.

Instead of buying real gold, investing in gold with Esquire Commodities Pty Limited is an alternative. You can generate revenue from the investment.

How is Gold Trading done in Australia?

Esquire Commodities Pty Limited is located in Australia with a profound knowledge of its clients. They have been in the business for a long time and know what their clients want.

A trader can use the company to evade the instability of stock markets. They help clients trade gold via CFD. They diversify clients’ portfolios and help them get profits.

Esquire Commodities Pty Limited gives you more than one account to trade with at no charge.

Esquire Commodities Pty Limited has a website with the same name that allows the user to own and trade gold virtually.


Gold is an exchangeable asset that never depreciates unlike other assets no matter what the economic situation is, says Rowan Relton. It does not only protect your fortune but it can increase your revenue.

Rowan Relton from Queensland, is the principal broker and managing director at Esquire Commodities Pty Limited. He is a dedicated trading professional with over 15 years of successful experience in international commodity trading and arbitrage.

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