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Do YouTube Views Help us to Increase Followings?

Today I will tell you how you can increase your following by increasing the views on your YouTube videos. If you are also a YouTuber or you are new to YouTube today you have come to the right article. As you know, YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world. Here, millions of people create their channels and make their videos. 

Because in today’s time, through YouTube, many people have taken their business far ahead. Apart from this, people are earning very good money through YouTube and are also increasing their following. When you put new videos on Buy YouTube Views India every day, you get to know a lot of people. When you keep doing a daily activity on YouTube, you will keep uploading videos. So one day youtube will start promoting you and increasing your following and views.

What is a youtube short video?

Now I will tell you what is YouTube short video is. Why did youtube launch this and how can we increase the views on youtube short videos. When Tiktok was banned inside India. So a lot of companies now make their short video platform. As you know, platforms like moj, taka tuk, etc. were made. So now you think when everyone else did so much, then why should Google lag. That’s why Google has created its short video platform inside YouTube called YouTube Short Videos. YouTube Short is a short video platform. Where you can make a video of 15 seconds or less and upload it.

If you want to upload a short video of up to 60 seconds then you can use vertical video. To upload a vertical short video, you have to write hashtags in the title and description. It works in a way similar to the Tiktok app. However, we cannot say that the YouTube short may have stolen the data of Tiktok itself. Google was preparing to launch the YouTube short option very early. And when YouTube Short was launched, many users liked it very much. He also loved making and posting videos on it.

How can we upload YouTube short videos?

If you also want to upload short videos on your YouTube very easily. So in the tips that I will tell you today, no one else will tell you, so read this article very carefully.

  • Open YouTube app:- First of all, open the YouTube app on your mobile. After that sign in to YouTube with any of your email id. But before that, check on the play store whether your YouTube app is updated or not? If there is no update then update it first. Because until you update YouTube, you will not have the option of short videos.
  • Click on the plus icon:- When you open YouTube, inside it, you will see a plus button at the bottom. When you click on it, that another option will appear in front of you. It will give you an option to make a video and upload a video. You can choose any option as per your wish. 
  • Upload by writing a unique title:- After this, write the title, description of your short video. After that select your audience. Then after that click on the upload option. It will upload your short video in few seconds.


You all know, in today’s time social media has made its hold very well. Through this, people are benefiting a lot today, as many people have taken their business forward through this. Apart from this, he is becoming famous and earning money by doing daily videos on YouTube. If you also want to earn money through YouTube, then you can Buy YouTube Views India by visiting our follower website today.

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