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What are the best Career Options for 10th-12th Students: Vedic Astrology has the Answer

When we talk about a student’s life, the 10th and 12th are the stepping stones in their life. It is the time when they decide on the career on which their whole life depends. An inappropriate career decision can lead them to a pool of struggles. Every student looks forward to a promising career with growth and financial stability.

Vedic Astrology is one of the best ways to find a suitable career according to the Janam Kundali of a person. It is believed that every person is blessed with some talents and luck in a particular area and Astrology helps in finding it.

Which Planets and Houses relate to a career in a Kundali?

According to Astrology, Jupiter and Mercury are the planets that affect the career of a native. They help in accessing the favorable career choice that one should make after the 10th, 12th, or in later stages of employment. Along with the planets, the fifth house of the native is associated with education and career, and the ninth house with advanced or further studies.

What is the importance of birth charts in career selection?

A Vedic birth chart of a person is important to study to know the favorable career options that one must choose in alignment with their personality traits and interests. When a student’s interests in an area are considered with their ruling planet in Kundali, they give positive results and reduce the struggles that they will face while making their career. Moreover, the interest of a student could be because of peer pressure or trending career options that might not be fruitful to the individual. This makes Kundali’s analysis of career choice important.

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Which career options are associated with Planets?

The dominating or ruling planet in a Janam Kundali affects the career of a student. All the planets are associated with different work areas and bless the native with success if the career falls within their ambit. Any contradiction between the career choice of a student and that of the ruling planet results in obstacles in career, financial stability, career growth, and job satisfaction. Following are the careers associated with different planets that a student should consider while choosing a career after the 10th or 12th:


Sun as a ruling planet in a student’s birth chart blesses them with success in the fields of Politics, Management, Ayurveda, Astronomy, and Spirituality. Government jobs are also favorable for the students with Sun as their ruling planet. It blesses them with success in clearing competitive exams for government jobs.


When Moon is the ruling planet in a Kundli, it blesses the student with success in the fields of Art, Music, Literature, Biology, Pharma and Paramedics, and Psychology. Moon is associated with emotions and students with Moon as their ruling planets do well in the areas of art and literature.


Mercury in a birth chart represents proficiency in numbers and therefore, suitable career options are in the fields of Accounting and Banking, Finance, Statistics and Mathematics, Advisory, and Research and Analytics. Data Analysis and Mining are also suitable options for students after the 12th.


If Mars is the ruling planet of a student’s Kundli, Engineering, Architecture, Sports, and Hospitality industry are some of the suitable options for assured career success for a student. Mars is the most favorable in the areas of construction, therefore civil engineering and mechanical engineering are the best branches that a student could opt for.


Jupiter, when placed positively in a birth chart of a native, blesses the native with a promising career in the areas of Finance, Law, Economics, Academics, Literature, Philosophy, Writing, Humanities, Medicine, and Influencer or Preacher. Jupiter is related to career, and it is essential to understand its position and effects on a Janam Kundli. Talk to a career Astrologer to understand the influence of Jupiter on your child’s career to get good career guidance.


The strong presence of Saturn in Kundali bestows the native with success in a career field of Coding and IT, Mining, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Geography and Archeology, History, Engineering, and Law, especially concerning the Constitution.


If Venus is the ruling planet of a student’s Janam Kundali, it blesses the student with a promising career in the branches of Designing and Graphics, Botany, Arts, Tourism, Aviation, Mass Media, Entertainment, and Hospitality.

Rahu & Ketu

Despite Rahu and Ketu being the shadow planets, if they are placed positively in a student’s Kundali, they help the student achieve unparalleled success in unconventional fields like Aeronautics, Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, Digital Communication, Entertainment, and Languages.

10th and 12th are the important grades in a student’s life where they must choose their career path for financial independence and growth. Talk to a career astrologer for choosing a promising career with assured success in life.

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