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Why wear French terry or loopnet?

Loopnet cotton is also known as the French terry cotton and this fabric is mainly made by using the knitting technology. This fabric is very much similar with the ones which are used for a jersey. It has similar loops on one side of it and there is a soft piling on the other side of the yarn.

Loopnet cotton is a mid- weighted one but they are a comfortable fabric. They can absorb a lot of moisture and can help in keeping the body cool. This particular fabric is mainly used in order to make hoodies, sweat pants, shirts and pullovers. This is a fabric which can be great if one decides to wear them when they are doing exercises or going for their regular gym sessions. They are different from the regular terry fabric because they are softer and absorbent.

It is a certain category of fabric which is very easy to maintain and it also never costs a lot. One can also give them for servicing and dry cleaning if they want to. Here are some tips on how to maintain garments made of loopnet or French terry:

Regular Washing

This is the best and most effective way to maintain this garment. One can maintain their French terry garment very well if they wash it after every use. This fabric is highly absorbent and so it can easily absorb the sweat. So, if one does not wash it after every wear, then it may stink. It can be washed very easily with plain detergent and water.

Fabric Form

It is said to be a non wrinkle fabric and so if the garment is made from loopnet cotton it means that they will hardly get any wrinkles on it. Hence, after every wash one does not even need to iron it to wear it again. So, this is very easy to maintain.

Cold water And Rinsing

The very best way to wash this fabric is by using a bucket of running cold water. One can just soak the garment in the cold water as it will remove the dirt and the plain detergent can remove the odour and the stink from the absorbed sweat. Once washed it comes out as fresh as a new one.

If one checks with the loopnet fabric suppliers, they can find that this fabric can cost higher than the other normal terry cotton fabrics. Here are a few reasons behind that:

  • They are made from war material and they are of high quality cotton. It is a pure cotton fabric that is used here.
  • Also the process that is used to make a French terry is different and much advanced that a normal terry.
  • The weight of this fabric is very low and so it is light on the body which makes it a comfortable wear.
  • They come with great quality and once they are bought they can be really sustainable.

But one has to be very sure that they are buying the original ones.

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