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Different Types of T-Shirts You Must Style

T-Shirts are an important garment for men and women in recent times. Any wardrobe that does not have the inclusion of a T-Shirt cannot be called the perfect wardrobe. Be it running to a quick grocery shopping or for carrying out any other chores, T-Shirts for men and women are very crucial garments as a person can completely rely on the same to serve many purposes. Imagine going out to a place and you have nothing to wear? Maybe a road trip with friends? In such situations, there are various types of T-Shirts that come to play and helps a person in deciding better on what to wear.

This garment has a rich history, starting from the Colonial era. When the Britishers were invading the Asian countries, especially India, they had realized the hard way that India has a variety of cultures, hence resources. We know that our clothing is related to our culture and so is the language we speak. Therefore, every aspect is connected in its best form. The polo T-Shirt is the beginning of the revolution in this garment. Britishers extracted this form of clothing from India, only to popularize it abroad. People started wearing tees as leisurewear. They also preferred wearing this particular garment for casual outdoor sports on the weekends.

Types of T-Shirts for Men

These days, one might witness the change in men’s clothing which is very evident. Earlier, men’s T-Shirts did not have so many bifurcations and therefore, people did not go out of their comfort zones to explore all forms of this garment. With the progressing time, tees have taken many shapes which we will discuss further in this article. This list of the types of T-Shirts are listed below:

  • V-Neck T-Shirt: As the name suggests, this is a type of T-Shirt that has a V-Shaped neck style. A lot of people who want to try something different should surely try out this type of tee.
  • Pocket T-Shirt: T-Shirts become more comfortable if there is an addition of a pocket in them. This helps a person in storing the essentials whenever they are going out.
  • Solid T-Shirt (Plain): Most people surely have plain tees that serve as the staple outfit for them. This is because it is easy to wear plain tees with any bottom wear of choice and slay the stylish look.
  • Graphic T-Shirt: Graphic or printed T-Shirts are hugely popular amongst the youth in today’s times. Be it a cartoon print, floral print, or any other type of print. Each one has a specialty and simply looks stunning when styled properly.
  • Hooded T-Shirt: Hoodies are very much in the trend. People love wearing hoodies in sweatshirts. However, nowadays one can also find hooded tees. These look extremely stylish and in case of heat, the hood can serve as a headcover.
  • Polo Neck T-Shirt: The oldest of tees, this is the type of T-Shirt from which all other tees have originated. It has a collar and gives an amazing look when someone wears it.

T-Shirts for Men in the Online Stores

With online shopping gaining massive importance amongst the people, there are various online shopping stores and brands that are doing a great job in this field. With many variations in T-Shirts and other garments, one can now find a plethora of options to purchase the clothing from. Websites like Bewakoof have been ever-growing and improving as people are getting the best collections there.

A T-Shirt for men online can be found in all the above-mentioned types. Grab the latest deals today, on the official website of Bewakoof with many perks. The Tribe Members will get an additional discount on every product along with early access to many offers. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make your collection grow.

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