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Are You Looking for T shirt Printing Machine?

T-shirt sublimation printing is a printing process where you use an inkjet or printer jet to print t-shirts on shirts. The t-shirt print is produced on heat-sensitive material like cotton, polyester or vinyl. In this process the t-shirt is treated like ink therefore it must be very careful during the processing. Inkjet or printer jet printers usually use two different processes to produce different sized prints. It depends on which one the t-shirt manufacturer uses. Here are some effective ways for printer for t-shirts.

Inkjet printers generally use the heat transfer method in which they transfer the color directly from the computer monitor on the garment. Heat transfer paper is then used to prepare the garment for this process. In this t-shirt sublimation printing process, the inkjet is heated up using the heat from the computer. The color that is transferred on the garment is called the ‘hot transfer color’ and the one that is cooled after being transferred is known as the ‘cool transfer color’. You must always keep both the types of color separated by another layer or else they may mix and this will affect the quality of the final print.

Polyester is the medium that is used by the printer in this process. The printed image is produced using the heat from the printer on the garment. The color produced is generally known as the ‘polyester print’ and the one that is cooled after being printed is called the ‘monochrome print’. The other technique used in this printing process is heat transfer printing in which the image is transferred from a specially coated roll of material onto the surface of the garment. This is considered to be a less expensive method than inkjet and printer jet.

Benefits of T-shirt Sublimation

T-shirt printing can be easily made in a number of different methods. However, all the methods are dependent on the quality of the images that you want to be printed on t-shirts. In the past, the only way to get the prints on t-shirts was by using a huge printing press that was operated by a team of artists. Such massive printing operations required a lot of manpower and also took a lot of space. The modern methods of heat transfer and polyester-based printing do away with the need for such large printing operations and do away with the need for huge spaces.

T-shirt sublimation has many benefits. The biggest advantage of using heat transfer printing is that the colors are transferred directly to the fabric without having to go through the process of first printing on the fabric. The colors in the printing are therefore more vivid and the image that you wish to imprint on the t-shirt is also more detailed.

Heat transfer printing is often used to create logos or symbols in t-shirts. The transfer of the logo or symbol onto the garment is also done using heat. These transfers, when printing on apparel, give a very vivid and detailed representation of what is on the garment. T-shirt sublimation is also used to create emblems on shirts, to create designs and patterns, and even to print addresses and names on them. This makes the transfer of such images or patterns a rather faster and less expensive process than printing them on the fabric.


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