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Hooded Sweatshirts – What Makes Them Best?

Hooded sweatshirts or what we call hoodies were an innovation for the workers and athletes of some colder areas who used to get troubled by cold winds hurting their ears and faces. The solution came in 1930 when thick sweatshirts with a hood sewn to them for a comfortable experience were introduced. Well, the rest is history.

Today, after a century, there isn’t a single teenager who doesn’t own a hoodie. In this fast-paced world, everything that makes life easy is naturally adapted by Gen Z humans.

Symbol Of Teenage Rebellion

The emergence of hoodie culture was a retaliation toward the high-end elite fashion designers and expensive brands. This movement came as a real game changer helping to bring all people of different classes together as one regardless of social differences. This was an important step in the nullification of the American dream in the USA, by disregarding societal norms and differentiation. And as everyone can see, in this era no one can classify an expensive hoodie from an inexpensive one.

Abandoning The Shirt And Tie Culture

This was a very positive step in helping the environment and nature, ditching the conventional pants and shirts for jeans and hoodies/ sweatshirts saved our time, money as well as resources on a huge scale. These days many workplaces around the globe do not have any restrictions regarding clothes and the employees are free to wear clothes of their own choice. Recently, these companies have also seen a rise in work performance.

Social Media Influence

In this era of social media, anything can reach billions of people at every nook and corner within seconds. Brands will launch one design and the next day entire social media will be selling the same thing from customization stores to other smaller brands. There is nothing better for advertisements these days. During the Covid’19 we saw an immense rise in the popularity of hooded sweatshirts, many celebrities, sports personalities, social media influencers, and other significant people adorned these hoodies at major events. This helped bring it to mainstream media making its demand rise sky high. Since then it hasn’t gone out of fashion.

Fashion Statement

Starting as athletic wear, hoodies are now being sold by the world’s top labels and designers. From being a protective layer in cold regions to becoming one of the most sold apparel regardless of societal and financial differences. Nowadays, from the entertainment industry to multinational firms, from institutes to local streets, from sports and gyms to protests and rallies; hoodies are everywhere. A universal symbol that promotes individuality and uniqueness.


There is a huge variety of hoodies, more than 40 different types of hoodies are available in the market. All of them are for different purposes, these include loose-fitted/oversized hoodies and slim-fitted. Moreover, there are cropped hoodies for women, winter hoodies are heavy, and summer hoodies are soft and light. The best part about wearing a hoodie is most people say it provides a sense of safety. A lot of people prefer wearing hoodies to the gym and for physical training/ running. Some of the most famous hoodie styles are pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, etc.

Easy to use

Hoodies are just pieces of fabric you can wash and wear without the hassle of ironing or taking extensive care. They usually do not cost an arm and a leg, plus they are extremely reliable in that they don’t wear off even after years and years of washing.

Pair It Up With Anything

Hoodies have replaced shirts, teenagers these days wear them as an item of stand-alone clothing with jeans or shorts/bermuda for a casual look. Pants for a formal look. These days color coordination and the hoodie logo/ symbol have more importance than the cloth itself. As it is a voice for rebellion, many movements have used hoodies to raise their voices. Recently the black lives matter campaign used it to raise voices against animal cruelty, and systemic oppression. Different political movements, sports, etc have used hoodies to reach out to the world.

How To Wash And Dry

It’s important to take care of your clothes if you want them to last long. No matter how tough and sturdy hooded sweatshirts are, they require proper care and caution. First of all, you should never wash clothes with a strong acidic detergent or put them in bleach ever, no matter how many stains or marks there are. These strong chemicals kill the fabric’s strength and dull the shine. Moreover, try to airdry hooded sweatshirts and similar clothes, rather than in a dryer, because machine drying makes the knitting weak. These are some precautions you should never ignore if you want your clothes to last long

Where To Order Hooded Sweatshirts?

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Hooded sweatshirts are not just pieces of cloth, considering their history and importance in our lives. They are the source of advertisement, a voice for the oppressed. Moreover, the reason for their popularity also lies in them being available at reasonable prices, long-lasting as well as providing comfort and style. Take precautions while washing and drying clothes.

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