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101 Chic Ideas to Decorate the Blank Walls in Your Home

Entering a new house and the first thing you see is the boring blank walls. Walls are the focal points in an area. If you decorate the house and leave it bare, it will make the house feel empty. But if you decorate with a few art pieces, pictures, and furniture, all those boring walls suddenly become part of your home. Home decor is the primary step in interior decorating. There are a lot of ideas to decorate the walls in your home. Also, some creative ways to use your blank wall space? Here we will discuss all the possibilities for decorating the walls in your home.

Paint it Colorful

This is your blank canvas. What do you want to paint on it? These are just a few of the many ways to decorate the walls in your home by painting them creatively. There are no limits to styling a place, so be creative and have fun! After all, this should be an enjoyable part of your interior design process.  A colorful wall will cheer up the entire room. Use the same color or a contrasting shade for area rugs and furniture to make the wall a focal point. Painting just one side of your walls in different colors will add more interest to any room and can also be an interesting way to create separation between areas or rooms. For example, you could paint the backside of your living area’s walls with light color while keeping the front side dark for a dramatic effect.

Paint It Bold

Adding bold painting is another option for filling up those empty walls. Painting an accent wall with contrasting colors can add a pop of color to any room, or if you want something more abstract or artful, try painting shapes and forms on the wall without following a specific pattern. A bold painting is also a great way to cover up and create separation between two design styles. Just paint a single wall with a different design and leave the rest of the room without an accent.

Paint It Light

If you’re afraid that painting one wall in your home will be too dramatic, try light colors instead. The bright tones can make any space feel fresher and lighter while making it easier to show off other decorating items such as artwork or furniture. Pastels or light shades compliment any room and are a great way to create a color that won’t overwhelm your space.

Paint It Dark

For those who want more drama, painting one wall darker than the rest can be an eye-catching design element. The contrast of light and dark shades will create depth and dimension while showing off other decorating styles within the home. Choose darker shades only if you have a large space. For a small space, darker hues will make it more confined and overwhelming. Check “27 wall decor ideas to refresh your space,” and you will know what color will suit your home best.

Blend in Colors

Bringing color into the space with complementary colors is a great way to add interest without overwhelming your eyes. Warmer tones bring warmth and comfort, while cooler tones can give off an airy feeling. Pair these two together for one cohesive look! Try using the same tone on all walls or switch up by selecting a different tone for each wall.

Gallery Wall

A gallery-style arrangement of pictures or art on the walls can be an easy way to pull everything together and create one cohesive look. You could arrange them in either straight lines, grids, or diagonals, depending on your preference! Use frames with bright colors around neutral tones for more fun and playful look. You can also use frames with light colors to create an open and airy feeling. The gallery wall is a great way to add personality to any room, especially those lacking in home decor! Use your favorite pictures or art pieces for this design style—whether it be posters from movies you love, candid shots of friends at the park, or even inspirational quotes.

Montage Wall

Remember to be creative and have fun! A montage wall is a great way to fill in the gaps! Try grouping things together that are related- like frames, plants, or faux flowers. This option can be more versatile than gallery walls because you have more options for different arrangements, and it’s easier on your wallet since you don’t need to buy frames for every piece of art.

Paint It White

Painting an entire room white can be a major design statement that is often the first step in transforming an old house into something new and modern or juxtaposing one color against another to create contrast. You can also pair up a white wall with colorful Persian rugs, wooden furniture, and a large window for natural light.

Paint it with Contrasting Colors

Create a contrast by painting one wall a different color. Painting one wall red will complement the green in your home decor beautifully, or if you’re feeling whimsical, try yellow and purple or turquoise and pink.

Keep in Mind: Avoid painting your whole wall an intense color like red or blue if you’re not wanting to make a bold statement, as it will be difficult to live with day-to-day without getting tired of the colors quickly.

Consider Wallpapers

For those looking for an even more dramatic look, consider wallpaper made to cover just one section of your walls. Wallpaper can be expensive, but it could also be worth it if you’re looking for a new and unique look that will make your home feel fresh. Floral or textured wallpapers are a good choice for adding texture to your walls.

Paint a Mural

If you want your home walls white but still change things up from time to time, try painting a mural on it with all sorts of colors and shapes or even words that inspire you. If you have a small space like an entryway where there’s not enough room for more furniture pieces, this is a great way to make the space feel bigger.

Summing Up

We hope this list of 101 chic ideas has given you a lot to think about. It cannot be easy to decide what type of home decor will make your walls feel like the perfect, cozy space for you and your family that it should be. But with so many great options out there, we’re sure there is something on our list that will suit your style and your needs perfectly! If not, don’t worry; we also have an extensive selection of rugs for sale at RugKnots, which are always changing depending on trends in design or fashion. With any luck, one of these rug designs will speak to your heart and inspire decorating plans as soon as possible!

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