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All You Need to Know About Tokyo International Schools

Tokyo, the largest metropolitan in the world, has a lot to offer to people of all ages. Known for its historic shrines and landmarks, it is the epicenter of culture and art in Japan. For children, along with the fun and magic at Tokyo Disneyland, there are different museums they can visit. There are a few museums that cater to children and offer them a preview of arts, sciences, and history at its finest.

All in all, it is a good city for a child’s growth and this compliment also extends to the education system of Tokyo City. Tokyo international schools are diverse with children learning together from different walks of life and these schools provide the best quality of education.

The Learning Experience at Tokyo International Schools 

 focus on the holistic development of the child. Kindergarten pays more attention towards guiding a child to develop emotionally and teaches them values and attributes that stay with them forever. The schools bring about a balance in the child’s education by introducing and encouraging them to play with nature while letting them experiment with age-appropriate technology.

This encourages the child to appreciate all that life offers while growing in a positive environment. While most schools in Tokyo attempt to follow this practice to the best of their ability, a Montessori school has the upper hand. This is due to the fact that a Montessori school is designed and planned to ensure that the child has the freedom to learn and grow at their own pace. These schools recognize that each child is different and hence their learning experience is not uniform and set in stone.

Montessori schools have established a standard of education that allows children to experiment and learn through teaching techniques that guide and not block the child. The environment is curated so that children try out different fields while moving forward in the right direction and have fun.

Montessori School Education Curriculum

While many Montessori schools follow the traditional curriculum, Tokyo international schools optimize the curriculum by bringing changes to it. These changes can be in the form of modernizing the teaching techniques to suit the students and the mission and vision of the school. For example, Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo has the Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP). This program brings together traditional Montessori school practices along with technology and local skills to provide ample growth opportunities for students.

The nursery school curriculum assists the child with its physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Education at this stage sets the foundation for all further learning and hence all the stakeholders involved do their best to develop the motor, expressive and cognitive skills of students.

Subjects Offered at a Tokyo International School

The subjects offered at this stage are optimized for students aged 3 and above. The subjects can be listed as English, Hindi, or any other second language, Mathematics, EVA (Environmental Awareness), STEM, Dance & Music, Playtime, and Montessori. These subjects can be different in different International Schools however the core subjects remain the same.

The purpose of these subjects is to develop the writing, reading, and listening skills of the children so that they can coherently communicate in the languages they are taught and along with that understand the basics like addition and subtraction in Mathematics. In a subject like EVA, they not only understand some basic names and terminology but also take time to step out of the classroom and interact with the biodiversity surrounding them. While these are the core subjects, special attention is also given to the field of arts.

As Japan is a land with a lot of cultural heritage, children are taught about their own culture and encouraged to take this culture and performance to the next generation. Music and Dance along with painting and drawing have always proven to be an effective outlet and a medium for creative expression. Hence students engage in these fields enthusiastically.

Along with this, taking up sports and skillsets are also encouraged as this builds physical strength and are model opportunities to teach team skills, sportsmanship, and ownership.

Teachers at Tokyo International Schools

Teachers at Montessori schools are well-trained and have exceptional skills to teach and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Along with teaching the academic content, they also are responsible for the personality development of the child. They ensure that the child develops the social skills and values to respect every other individual present in the class and outside the classroom. These teachers are also trained to handle simple medical cases and provide mental support whenever needed.

The parent-teacher engagement is also good as teachers give parents regular updates about the child’s progress and the parent informs the teacher about the child’s learning at home. The teachers play a very vital role at this stage of life as they basically are the guides whom students trust and they are responsible for making the child’s transition to primary school seamless.

This process is seamless if the child is well-equipped with the foundation of different subjects and the mental capacity to move on to a tougher and more detailed form of learning.

Safety and Security at Montessori Schools

Schools in Tokyo always attempt to make the space as comfortable and safe as possible for the students in all aspects. Schools have professionals trained to handle any accidents and the infrastructure of the school is made in a way that is child-friendly and safe. Schools also have surveillance cameras installed in and around the school along with guards who ensure their safety. There are transportation facilities available in some schools and this too is done in a very organized manner.

In times of the pandemic, schools have taken many steps to safeguard the students and teachers so that they can open the gates of the school confidently and parents can send the children to school without any fear. Schools like GIIS Tokyo have hand sanitizers placed at every required touchpoint and contactless thermometer checks regularly.

Tokyo is a place with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. Hopefully, this has helped you to know a bit more about education for kindergarteners in Tokyo international schools and the Montessori curriculum. 

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